10 Best Tealight Candle Sets in India

You will agree with me when I say that it is really confusing to buy the perfect tealight candle set for your home in the diwali time.

In the online market, you will find many tealight candle boxes made by different companies. What is really important is to choose the right tealight candle kit.

If you use our links to buy from Amazon, it will give you additional amazing discounts up to 60% and awesome deal prices when buying the tealight candle in amazon.

We have listed out the top bought tealight candle kits in amazon which you can buy. This best buying guide have the reviews of the best tea light candles online.

I am sure you will like these tea light candles kits. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best candles for your home.

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List of the 10 Best Tealight Candle Kits in Amazon

You might be having many tealight candle decorating ideas for your home. Many consumers report that they are unable to find the best ones for tealight candle decoration for home.

This list of best candles would be absolute suitable for you. All these tea light candles kits are available currently and in stock. One of this would be a perfect choice for your home.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at all the amazing best teal light candles kits. We will discuss them in detail including their main features, pros and cons, tealight candle diy experiments and tealight candle gift ideas.

1. Solimo Tealight Candle Set

Best Budget Unscented Tealight Candles

Key Features

  1. Average Customer Reviews: 14,305 ratings
  2. Set of 100


  1. Brand: Amazon Brand- Solimo
  2. Dimensions: 140×70 cm
  3. Weight: 10g each

Having creative tealight candle experiments for your home. Then Amazon Brand – Solimo wax best budget unscented tealight candles would be ideal for home.

Amazon Solimo tealight candle kit has 100 wax candles. Each packed in Aluminum case making sure no wax residue will be left outside. You can use them without worrying about wax stains. You can use them with diyas or candlelight holders.

These are unscented candles so you will not have any unfavorable smell in your home. The tealight candle burn time is up to 2 hours and 50 minutes.

Main Feature: EASY TO USE

You get cotton 2 Piece Bath Towel Set with this tea light candles set. This is a combo offer.

You do not need a candle holder to fix these.


  1. Unnaturally long lasting
  2. No wax stains
  3. Aluminum casing
  4. ₹2.7 per candle
  5. Flame lasts for 4-5 hours


  1. Central portion burns fast leaving the wick to dry out
  2. Burn time is 1.5 hours without diffuser

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Q&A on Amazon Brand – Solimo Wax Tealight Candle Kit

Q1. What is tea light candles made of?

Tea light candles 100 pack is made of paraffin wax

Q2. How many Tealight Candles are there is one set?

There are 100 tealight candles in the set.

2. Homesake Tealight Candle Set

Most affordable – tea light candles pack of 50

Key Features

  1. Average Customer Reviews: 306 ratings
  2. Set of 50


  1. Brand: Homesake
  2. Dimensions: Diameter of 3.7 cm
  3. Height of 1.2 cm
  4. Weight: 6 grams each

This unscented white color Wax Tealight Candles kits are set of 50. This exclusively hand-crafted tealight candles are made in India.

These are lead free candles so you can buy them without worrying about health concerns.

This clean burning candles are self standing. It is completely covered in Aluminum tin.

Main Features: Perfect for Home

Adding many tea candles to Table’s Place Settings can create a nice party mood.


  1. Safer alternative
  2. Liquefy completely
  3. Built-in metal holder
  4. Disposable holder


  1. Burn hours are less than claimed – 40 minutes only
  2. Small size candles
  3. Big wick
  4. Melted wax drips out of the holder

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Q&A on Homesake Wax Tealight Candle Kit
Q1. How long does a tealight candle burn?

These long burning boughies last up to 40 minutes though they claim to be 4 hours.

Q2. How much is the weight of teal light candles

The weight of teal light candles is 6g each.

3. MINISO Tealight Candle Set

Best tealight candle in glass holder

Key Features

  1. Average Customer Reviews: 230 ratings
  2. Scent: Scented
  3. Color: Blue
  4. Container type: Can


  1. Brand: MINISO
  2. Material: Palm Wax

I shared the details of the unscented candles above. Here is a scented candles for you. MINISO Tealight Candle Kit can create a fine mood as the fresh aroma of natural flowers and plants fill your bedroom.

This is a premium candle that has a high quality wick and wax. Some regular candles makes black smoke which are harmful to the body. But MINISO Wax Scented Candle does not produce black smoke.

The gentle flickering of the candles are a good to watch. The gentle flicker releases the aroma slowly and allow it to fill your home. This tealight candle is preferred in aromatherapy as a stress buster, rejuvenate mood and create a pleasant environment.

What I love about this MINISO Tealight Candle Kit is the heart design and the pink color. So romantic!.

Place the candle in your bedroom for a relaxing sleep. Place it in the bathroom, stair, windowsill for a soothing relaxation.

Essential Features: Top Choice

This is a great gift for newlyweds and new home owners as they are looking for a bright beginning.


  1. Packaging – very good
  2. Delivery – Fast
  3. Fragrance – Amazing fruity flavored
  4. Occasion – very good for a date night
  5. Stay lit for 4 hours long.


  1. Smell reduces when candles are lit

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Q&A on MINISO Tealight Candle Kit
Q1. How long does one tealight last?

MINISO Tealight Candle last up to 3 – 4.5 hours.

Q2. What is the holder of candles made up of?

MINISO Tealight Candle are made of transparent glass type material.

4. Satyam Kraft Tealight Candle Set

Best Ever Savings LED Tea light candles for sale

Key Features

  1. Average Customer Reviews: 520 ratings
  2. Color: Multicolor
  3. Material: Pvc
  4. Set: 12 pieces


  1. Brand: Satyam Kraft
  2. Size: Standard
  3. Weight: 0.9 Pounds
  4. Container type: Can
  5. Dimension: 24.2 x 15.6 x 4 cm
  6. Returnable: No

When you think of a tealight candles, you will imagine a candle with fire burning in the wick. However this is a real look alike Satyam Kraft Tealight Candle Kit that is without the fire.

Are you looking to decorate a restaurant, then here is a battery operated flame less best ever savings tea light candle for sale which would be an ideal one for you. You call these LED candles as flameless, fragrance-free, single wick Candles with melted edge look in one line.

The Melted-edge appearance gives it a unique look of a traditional candle. The light is not less than the traditional burning candles. It is the best option for outdoor candlelit banquets and can be used as night lights with votive or Mason Jar holders.

This LED tea light candles works using 3 button cells power. Shades of warm yellow is a absolute eye pleasing for any special days of your home.

Want a warm glow of tealight candles in your home to go for a festive mood. You might want to execute your tealight candle gift ideas without worrying about safety of your home.

Major Features: Finest Design

You need light for a festival mood without the burning smell or worrying about fire safety. Then this would be ideal for you which will save you from all those worries. You do not need to worry about cleaning the wax mess of other regular tealight candles.


  1. Easy to use
  2. High quality pvc material
  3. Safe for kids and pets to touch
  4. Button cell battery which is replaceable
  5. No fire hazard
  6. No wax drippings
  7. No Smell


  1. Made of plastic
  2. No flicker effect
  3. Only steady on mode
  4. Not returnable
  5. Dims within 10 minutes as pencil cell power deplete fast

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Q&A on Satyam Kraft Tealight Candle Kit
Q1. What is the size of a single tealight candle

Size of single candle is 1.4 X 1.4 X 1.75 inch.

Q2. Which type of battery is required to operate this candle?

You need pencil cells for this.

5. ENJOY the celebration people Tealight Candle Set

Best Low Price tea light candle for home

Key Features

  1. Average Customer Reviews: 313 ratings
  2. Size: Pack of 50
  3. Scent: Unscented
  4. Color: Blue
  5. Material: Wax


  1. Brand: ENJOY the celebration people
  2. Item Dimension: 30 x 30 x 10 Millimeters

Do you want a tealight candle that fits in a lantern or in a glass. Then this ENJOY the celebration people Tealight Candle Kit would be best for you. This burn efficiently without wax stains.

You can now relish the auspicious moments by glowing wax tealight candles with self standing Aluminum can. ENJOY the celebration people Tealight Candle Kit as the name says is to make people enjoy the celebrations in their home.

If you are planning to have a party, then this Best Low Price tea light candle for home is a must purchase.

Best Features: Best Professional

Better burn time than other candles.


  1. Smokeless
  2. Spill Proof
  3. Aluminum Case
  4. Long Burn time


  1. Not returnable
  2. Paraffin pressed wax
  3. Wax residue

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Q&A on ENJOY the celebration people Tealight Candle Kit
Q1. What is the burn time?

It burns up to 1.5 – 2 hours. The product claims to burn till 3 hours but it does not.

Q2. Can it be used for diffusing camphor?

Yes you can use it for diffusing camphor.

6. Hosley Tealight Candle Set

Best Cheap tealight candle with holder

Key Features

  1. Average Customer Reviews: 3,406 ratings
  2. Scent: Unscented
  3. Colour: White
  4. Material: Wax


  1. Brand: Hosley
  2. Item Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 10 Millimeters
  3. Weight: 0.38 Kilograms
  4. Container type: Can

Want to surprise your partner with a romantic touch of glow lights, then Hosley Unscented Tealights Set of 50 would be best for you.

Hosley has been top one among the leading tealights companies to make some of the impressive Tealights Set. Either for lighting up a whole room or lighten up your home, this unscented white tealights set of candles by hosley would be the best option for you.

For you to get optimal performance, you must trim wick to 1/8” always before each use. You need to ensure to place these candles on a flame or heat resistant surface.

Ensure you can see them burning because it does have a long burning time and you do not want pets or children near it. Since they come with can covering, you can safely place them in any aroma diffusers or decorative candle cases.

This Tealights Set has the Highest Customer Reviews on Amazon.

Top Features: Best Value

These beautiful long lasting Unscented Tealight kit is handy for all occasions in your home.


  1. Cheaper than DMart & Home center
  2. Floats in water
  3. Lasts up to 2 hrs
  4. Unscented


  1. Bad Packaging
  2. No information on wax type used

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Q&A on Hosley Tealight Candle Set
Q1. What is the size of this tealight candle?

The size of a tealight candle is 40*13 (mm). It has 1 inch radius and 1/2 inch height.

Q2. Can tealights be used repeatedly?

No you cant. These are one time use candles. You can buy battery operated led tealight candles for that.

7. Kaameri Bazaar Tealight Candle Set

Best Inexpensive tealight candle in glass

Key Features

  1. Average Customer Reviews: 21 ratings
  2. Size: Medium
  3. Scent: Lemon Grass scented
  4. Colour: Yellow
  5. Material: Premium Wax
  6. Set: 3 pieces


  1. Brand: Kaameri Bazaar
  2. Item Dimensions: 5 x 6.3 x 5 cm
  3. Package Weight: 400 Grams
  4. Size of single candle: Diameter of 4 cm and height of 1.2 cm

We talked about many unscented candles, here are pleasant tealight candles that diffuse a pleasant Lemon grass fragrance as you lit them.

Efficient and inexpensive tealight candles are what everyone wants. Kaameri Bazaar 3 Shot Glass Candles highly fragrance wax tealight candles would be efficient enough as well as low priced.

The best low budget tealight candle in amazon stands out in my eyes. You get a set of 3 lemon grass filled glass tea light candles with a burning time of 12 hours for 3 candles in a cheap price.

Spa, Reiki and Meditation – Go for Kaameri Bazaar Highly Fragranced Lemon Grass Filled Glass Candle Set for a relaxing time.

Unique Features: Best Economical

These are hand poured wax infused candle kit. This wax is mixed with lemon grass essential oils to make a pleasant aroma.


  1. Reusable
  2. Long Burning Time
  3. Scented
  4. Glass Available


  1. Customers are not satisfied with the product
  2. Average Quality

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Q&A on Kaameri Bazaar Tealight Candle Set
Q1. Is it a tealight candle in glass

Yes, it is a tealight candle in glass. Glass is included with candle package.

Q2. Can I get 5% discount if I use the below link to buy.

Yes, Go to the product page using the below link, check the box of the 5% coupon in Amazon. Your Discount Coupon will be applied at checkout.

8. Ripp Tealight Candle Set

Best Cheapest tealight candle to buy

Key Features

  1. Average Customer Reviews: 33 ratings
  2. Scent: Fresh
  3. Color: Blue
  4. Material: Wax
  5. Unscented


  1. Brand: Ripp
  2. Size: Pack of 50
  3. Weight: 440 Grams

May it be Diwali, or Puja, a good bright tea light candles lit up your mood. Ripp unscented Wax Tealight Candles have a burn time of approximately 2.5 hours.

The candles come in blue color so that you can use them in Diy Crafts, Pool Parties and Summer Balcony Nights. Aluminum casing enables it to leave no wax residue on the surface which it is placed.

What I liked most about the Ripp candles, compared to some of the other brands on this list is that it has the longer burn time.

Main Features: Amazon Certified

Most of the customers bought this for Ganpati festival, diwali celebration and birthday parties.


  1. Aluminum Case
  2. Unscented
  3. Long Burn Time


  1. Improve packaging

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Q&A on Ripp Tealight Candle Kit
Q1. how long can a tealight candle last

The product is claim to last up to 2.5 hours. But from our experiment it lasted only 45 minutes.

Q2. how big is a tea light candle

Standard size. Size of single candle would be Diameter of 4 cm and height of 1.2 cm.

9. Romino Tealight Candle Set

Best Seller tealight candle size big

Key Features

  1. Average Customer Reviews: 8,033 ratings
  2. Material: Plastic
  3. Set of 12


  1. Brand: Romino
  2. Dimensions: 26.9 x 26.4 x 5.6 Centimeters
  3. Weight: 1.01 Pounds

Uplift decor of a party by putting led tealight candles on a table. These child and pet friendly Romino Tealight Candle Set with 100+ hours of lighting would be best for your home.

You can switch the light on/off using the button below the led candle. Batteries are replaceable and they use button cells.

Specification of a single led candle tealight
Width: 3.8 cm
Height: 4 cm
Weight: 15 gram
Color: Warm White

My first impression, when I opened the box, was “just wow”.

Top Best Features: Best High-End

You can put the in diffusers and it will feel like typical traditional candles lights.


  1. Safe for kids and pets to touch
  2. Button cell battery replaceable
  3. No fire issue
  4. No wax reside
  5. No Smoke


  1. Non returnable
  2. Plastic
Q&A on Romino Tealight Candle Set
Q1. how long does a tealight candle burn

It burns up to 100 hours.

Q2. how much does a tealight candle weigh

It weighs 15 gram each.

10. LightHaus Candles Tealight Candle Set

Best Most Reliable tealight candle in Amazon

Key Features

  1. Average Customer Reviews: 278 ratings
  2. Scent: Floral
  3. Color: Red
  4. Container type: Jar
  5. Material type free: Lead Free


  1. Brand: LightHaus Candles
  2. Size: Standard

How should I start to describe the smooth aroma of Vanilla Caramel, Midnight Jasmine, English Rose & Lavender Fields.

  • VANILLA CARAMEL is a mix of buttery caramel, rich vanilla, golden plumeria and white sandalwood.
  • FRENCH LAVENDER is a mix of lavender, hibiscus, earthy driftwood and tropical sandalwood and musk.
  • ENGLISH ROSE is a mix of rose, geranium, creamy white flowers and musk.
  • MIDNIGHT JASMINE is a mix of water jasmine, sweet honeysuckle, neroli and mandarin blossom.

Lead-free cotton wicks are used which makes it a healthy option to buy. They candles has a burn time of 20 hours each. The diameter of the candle is 2.4 inches and height is 3.35 inches.

Soft light produced by tealight candles are perfect for every occasion. LightHaus Candles is one of the leading brands in the candle business that produce breathtaking range of aromas.

When I first started researching the best Scented Candles Set for purchasing, I liked the look of the LightHaus Candles set.

Popular Features: Finest Selection

These are premium quality wax candles mixed with natural essential oils. This enable the aroma to linger longer in the room compared to other brands.


  1. Value for money
  2. Cotton wicks
  3. Long lasting
  4. Scented candles
  5. Fragrance was good
  6. Good packaging G
  7. Soothing smell
  8. Great variety of scent


  1. Expensive
Q&A on LightHaus Candles Tealight Candle Set
Q1. How hot does a tealight candle get

As hot as a normal candle.

Q2. Is the jar made of plastic or glass

Jar is made of glass.

I did not add Nanki Trades Round Wax Tea Light Candle kit because it is currently unavailable. Also Generic brand candles, Pure Source jar candle and Puja N Pujari wax Tea Light Candles are not added due to bad reviews.

Fitg18 brand candles, Make A WSIH bran tea light candles and Pure Source India Scented Tea Light Candle also have bad customer reviews.

I avoided MoonShine Water Candles due poor quality of the product.

3dbugz paraffin wax tea light candle kit is not added because it was made of paraffin wax which is not healthy.

We hope you enjoyed the features, pros, cons, what we like and what we do not like of each of the products.

Buying Guide for Tealight Candle Set

After doing an extensive review on all the top Tea Light Candles sets, we have decided to come up with this amazing ultimate guide on Things to Consider while Buying the Tea Light Candle set.

There is a booming demand for scented candles and home decor products in the market. Decorative candles and candle holders can uplift ambience of home and ensure a relaxing night. It can gifted to your loved ones in birthday parties, house warming parties and celebrations.

What is a tealight candle

A tealight is an in expensive small candle in a thin Aluminum or plastic can. The candle completely melt while lit. They are made by pouring wax in a aluminum tin can with a cotton or lead wick inside. Want to make perfect accent lighting, then Tea Light Candle is best for you.

What is tealight candle holder

Tealight candle holder is a special holder to place the tealight candles without worrying about wax residue. Tealight candle holders are designed to amplify the beauty of candle lights.

Tealight holders comes in metal or glass. They come in various shapes, colors and styles. This allow you to easily place candles on most surfaces without the help of external support.

How does a tealight candle work

Tealight candle are small candles used to decorate home or rooms for celebrations. They have wick in the center of wax. The wick is lit and it burns slowly over a period of time giving light.

Types of tealight candle

Tealight candles comes in various shapes and sizes. We can get them in many combinations of the below categories such unscented colored or scented colored.

Unscented tealight candle

Unscented tealight candles has no smell. They are smokeless, odorless and smell less.

Scented tealight candle

Scented tealight candles has specific smell. This is done by mixing essential oils to the wax. So when it burns, the oil is burned and aroma fills the air.

LED tealight candle

LED tealight candles are not wax candles. Small led lights are used to product lights powered by pencil battery cells. You can use them without worrying about fire safety.

Colored tealight candle

Colored tealight candles comes with various colors such blue, red, or green. This is done by using colored wax instead of regular white wax.

Hand Poured Wax Candles

Hand Poured wax candles mean they melted wax is poured to the can using hand. These are done by people taking their time and effort. Hand poured are made in small batches and has an artisanal value to it.

What are the benefits of tealight candle

Tealight candles are used to beautify home in celebrations such as diwali or birthday parties. They create a nice ambience and relieve stress.

How hot does a tealight candle get

A 6 inch flame can produce 300 degrees Celsius. So you can say approximately the temperature of the liquid wax of tealight candle increase up to 300 degree Celsius.

How to make tea light candle

You can make tea light candle using a 8 step process.

STEP 1: WEIGH THE WAX using a measurement machine.
STEP 2: MELT WAX using a external flame.
STEP 3: ADD DYE as the wax melts. Dye will give color to the melted wax.
STEP 4: ADD FRAGRANCE if you need scented candles. You can add any essential oil to the wax.
STEP 5: CLEAN CAN. It is essential to clean the aluminum can or glass can to pour the wax.
STEP 6: POUR WAX to the can slowly.
STEP 7: ADD WICK to the center of the can.

You can see YouTube DIY tea light candle making videos to make them easily.

Where can I buy tealight candle

You can buy tea light candles in Amazon or Flipkart. You can also buy them in the normal shops in the market in stationary shops, D-Mart or home center.

Things to Consider while Buying the tealight candle set

Our editors have tested all the tealight candle set on the market. This ultimate guide will help you to choose the perfect tealight candle set for your home. Here are some important factors to be considered before choosing a tealight candle set.

Lead-free candles

Lead is a toxic material used in making of the wick of tealight candles. Choose lead free candles as they are more healthy. New tealight candle companies are using cotton wick.

Paraffin-Free Candles

Paraffin was is a cheap common regular wax used to make tealight candles. Paraffin is a poisonous ingredient. New tealight brands offer soy wax-based, vegetable wax, beeswax, palm wax tealight candles.

Diameter of a tealight candle

Tealight candles comes in various sizes. A standard tealight candle has diameter of 4 cm and height of 1.2 cm. There are small tealight candles with a diameter of the candle is 2.4 inches and height is 3.35 inches.

Weight of a tealight candle

Small tealight candles comes in the standard weight of 6g. However tealight candles with glass jar has a weight of 12g and more.

How long can a tealight candle last

A standard tealight candle can burn up to 2-4 hours. The burn time depends of the amount of wax in the jar and size of the wick.

Complete liquefaction

Liquefaction means it can liquify completely. Some tealight candles can burn completely to the full amount of hours intended. This is done by positioning the wick correctly in the center which reaches to the bottom of the can.


Tea light candles burn for hours. It would be best to keep them away from inflammable objects such as gas in your kitchen or curtains in the hall.

You need to keep the out of the reach of children and pets. Children would be interested in playing with small tealight candles.

The candles are made with wax and it would be dangerous for children if they eat it. Pets can also eat the wax or sniff the lighted candle. Ensure safety first.

Tealight candle Pack Size

Tealight candle set comes in 50 or 100 pieces. These are usually unscented or not colored. Scented candle pack size is limited to 3 to 12 pieces. You can also buy them in multiple packs to get more candles.

Tealight candle price

Unscented candles has less price compared to scented candles. Scented candles use essential oil to mix with the wax which makes it more expensive.

Conclusion: How to Choose the Best Tealight Candle Set

The tealight candle sets in Best Budget Home List have the best features compared to other products in the market. Here is the summary of the top 10 Tealight Candle sets to check easily.

  1. Solimo Tealight Candle Kit of 100
  2. Homesake Tealight Candle Kit of 50
  3. MINISO Wax Scented Candle kit of 6
  4. Satyam Kraft Tealight Candle Set
  5. ENJOY the celebration people Tealight Candle Set
  6. Hosley Tealight Candle Set
  7. Kaameri Bazaar Tealight Candle Set
  8. Ripp Tealight Candle Set
  9. Romino Tealight Candle Set
  10. LightHaus Candles Tealight Candle Set

Our Picks in Unscented Tealight Candle Set

Solimo Tealight Candle Set would be the best option in unscented candles for celebrations. They have 10g of wax which gives long lasting burn time than others. They are in budget price and has no bad smell. This is our first pick on unscented tealight candles.

Ripp Tealight Candle Set is our second ranked unscented tealight candle set. They are of high quality with long burn time.

Homesake Tealight Candle Kit Set of 50 are average quality tea light candles kit. Each candle weigh only 6g compared to 10g of Solimo. They claim 4 hours of burn time but in reality the burn time is only 40 minutes. The candle is small and wick is big. This makes the fire to burn faster and bigger. I would not advise to buy it.

Our Pick in Scented Tealight Candle Set

Miniso scented candles are our best pick due to lead free paraben free paraffin free candles. They use palm wax which is a healthy alternative to the toxic parrafin wax.

Our second pick is LightHaus Candles Tealight Candle Set due to their good quality. We ranked it second because it is expensive compared to others.

Hosley Tealight Candle Set is a good option so we can rank it third after LightHause set.

ENJOY the celebration people Tealight Candle Set has paraffin so we do not recommend it. Kaameri Bazaar Tealight Candle Set is good compared to others but consumers report that it is of average quality.

Our pick for the LED tealight candle set

Our pick for the LED tealight candle set is Romino Tealight Candle Set as they stay for more 100 hours without any dim issues. Satyam Kraft set has pencil cells which deplete faster than the previous one.

Frequently Asked Questions on Tealight Candle Set

Here I will answer questions related to Tealight Candle Set, commonly asked by consumers. I will answer the questions sent to us by our readers.

Can you use tea light candles without holders?

Yes you can. They come in Aluminum tin can or glass. You do not need a holder to use them.

How to make floating candles out of tealights?

You can check out DIY tealight candle floating videos in YouTube for that.

How to decorate a tea light candle?

You can add small beads or glossy patterns on the sides to decorate teal light candle.

What is the size of a tea light candle?

Average size of a tea light candle is 16g to 10g.

Do tealight candles need holder?

Tealight candles do not need a holder to use them. A holder is a good investment though.

Do tealight candles burn out?

Yes they burn out as the wax completely melt or their wick dry out.

How do you use tea light candles?

You can place them in a fire resistant surface and lit them. You can place large number of them in specific patterns to create a pleasant scene.

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12 Best Video Doorbells and Video Door Phones in India

Are you looking for wireless video door phone with wifi or video door bells. Here are 12 Best Video Doorbells and Video Door Phones in India.
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