Pril Dishwashing Liquid Review

I am going to review Pril Perfect Active 2xMolecules with Lime Grease dishwashing liquid. This is a positive review. Pril Perfect Active Lime Grease dishwasher cleaner liquid from Pril comes with German technology to clean even hard grease. Pril is a leading Indian brand among dishwashing segment since 1999.

I have been using Pril dishwashing cleaner liquid from past 6 months. Dishes and utensils needs to be cleaned thoroughly to remove active germs and bacteria.

Why I Like Pril Dishwashing Liquid

Pril Perfect Active 2xMolecules liquid is green in color. It is not messy. The viscosity of the liquid is just enough. I just need to use a like 4-5 drops to clean like 7-8 dishes such as pans, cooker, spoons and other cutlery.

best dishwashing liquid for sensitive hands in india

It is Skin Friendly. I have been using this for 6 months now and I haven’t seen any type of skin reactions while using it.

It removed the residual odor from the dishes. When I cook fish or chicken, it leaves a pungent smell behind. Pril cleaning liquid removes this odor and makes it fresh.

Pril Perfect Active Lime Grease Positive Review

Pril Perfect Active 2X Molecules

To clean tough grease, I take few drops of Pril liquid cleansing agent in a wet scrubber or sponge and make a foamy spread on the dishes. I wait for like 5 minutes and wash it away in running water.

They recommend mixing it with water to clean regular dishes. I don’t mix it with water. I use the liquid directly on the dishes which I feel is gives me best clean. I tried mixing it with water for some time. It becomes so messy and the water solution goes everywhere. The amount of foam also very less in water mixture.

Best dishwashing liquid in India

Pril Perfect Active Lime Grease from Jyothy Labs is extremely good for cleaning used dishes and clean food stains. I prefer buying only Pril Perfect Active Lime Greases since its cheaper in price and better than other dish washing liquids. I think Pril dishwashing liquid is the best dishwashing liquid in India.

Pril dishwashing liquid ingredients

The ingredients are non-ionic surfactants, polycarboxylate, Enzymes, phosphonate, phosphate, 5 – 30 % anionic surfactants, 5 % amphoteric surfactants, Perfumes, Limonene, Linalool, preservation agents, 2-Bromo-2-nitropropane-1, 3-diol, Methylchloroisothiazolinone and Methylisothiazolinone.

Pril vs Vim liquid

Many have been asking which dishwashing liquid is good; Pril or Vim. I have used both cleaner liquids and I would say Pril is best.

Dishwash bar vs Dishwash liquid

My mother has been using dishwash bar for so many years. I do not like them because they are messy and after 5-6 uses, the soap becomes very greasy. Some dishes will have leftover soap pieces in it and it is so hard to find them.

Dishwash liquid is better as it does not create foul smell like dishwash bar and can be used minimally without worrying about the leftover soap pieces.

Pril liquid price

Pril Perfect Active 2xMolecules – 425 ml cost around 99 rs in Amazon India.

Pril Kraft Dish Washing Liquid – 750 ml has a price of 135 rs.

You have to pay 160 rs for Pril Perfect Lime Grease Fighter Gel – 750 ml (Green).

Finally, Pril Dish Washing Liquid – 2 L (Green) is priced 344 rs online.

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