What is Open Invoice? How to Cut?

When a business purchases a product or service from a vendor or supplier, it usually receives an invoice. Invoices are documents used by the seller to request payment for goods and services sold to the customer. Bill is considered an umbrella term that encompasses numerous types of bills. For example, if you have a pending … Read more

Business Financial Planning: what it is and how to do it

Corporate financial planning is an important tool for both new businesses and those that are already consolidated in the market. After all, projecting future scenarios, the manager has more information not only to have financial control, but also to qualify decision-making. This, in turn, favors the company’s sustainable growth and its own longevity. But it’s … Read more

Inventory management: 13 tips to do well!

Do you have questions about how to do good inventory management? We know how important this step is for every business. Still, many shopkeepers do not know what the best actions are in this case, jeopardizing their internal control and the delivery time for customers. Inventory management involves controlling products’ entry and exit and organizing … Read more