10 Best LED String Lights in India

Do you have great string lights for bedroom ideas but unable to find best fairy led string lights for bedroom.

You might be thinking to buy led string lights indoor color changing or multi colored string lights for bedroom. How about I show you the 10 best led string lights for your bedroom.

These might also triggers some best indoor string lights ideas for your bedroom. Many of my friends said that these string lights for bedroom are awesome.

If you are interested go ahead and check this review about best fairy string lights and bestsellers in LED Strip Lights.

Best Budget List of 10 Top led string lights for bedroom

Finding the best led string lights for bedroom is always important. We have searched hours online to find the the right led string lights for you. Here is the list of the 10 best led string lights for your home.

  1. Quace LED Curtain String Fairy Lights
  2. Satyam Kraft Bottle Cork Lights Indoor
  3. The Purple Tree Decorative Star Curtain LED Lights
  4. PESCA Led Net Mesh Fairy String Decorative Lights
  5. PESCA Battery Operated Bottle Cork Lights
  6. SATYAM KRAFT Star String Lights for Indoor
  7. Homesake Battery Operated LED String Lights
  8. Mufasa Led Waterproof Strip Rope Pipe Light
  9. Home Solution’s Star Light Curtain Decorations
  10. fizzytech Snowflake String LED Lights for Diwali

I am sure you will like these led string lights for bedroom. Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best led lights for your home.

If you use our links to buy from Amazon, it will give you additional amazing discounts up to 50% and awesome deal prices.

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All these products are available currently and in stock. One of this would be a perfect choice for your home.

So without further delay, let us take a peek at all the awesome best string led lights in the list. We will show you the features and pros and cons.

Updated Deals

1. LTETTES 10 Meters 100 LED Warm White USB Powered Copper Wire Waterproof LED Fairy Decorative Festival String Lights – 12-month warranty – Check

Best string led lights for bedroom [Reviews]

Many consumers report that choosing the best string led lights is a difficult task. This is mainly because there are tons of selections and wide variety of options available in market.

These are handpicked products after assessing their features, pros and cons. In this review, we will describe the brand, product dimensions, major features, pros and cons, important specifications and commonly asked questions.

1. Quace led string lights

Best Budget led string lights indoor

Quace 16 Stars 136 LED Curtain String Fairy Lights

Material: Plastic + Copper wire + LEDs | Batteries Required: No | Wire length: 3m | LED quantity: 138 LEDs | Number of Reviews in Amazon: 1974 ratings

Quace is one of the leading manufacturers of led strings, led bulbs and led tubes in the market. This best budget led string lights indoor has 8 modes settings which means you can set the lights in 8 different modes. These are;

  • in combination with other lights,
  • in sequential mode where one led blink and then off and then the next one gets on,
  • in waves mode where the led blink in a wave pattern,
  • in slogs where it goes randomly,
  • in flash- where led lights blink fast on and off,
  • in slow fade – this is pretty amazing for a romantic dinner
  • and stead on.

This is one of the most recommended led string light in the market. Many buyers rated 5 stars for this led string lights and are recommending too.

Main Features: EASY TO USE

The led lights has waterproof IP44 rating.


  1. Mode change option
  2. Good length
  3. Suitable for indoor use
  4. Appropriate for outdoor use
  5. Easy installation
  6. After sales guarantee


  1. Power and controller is non-waterproof
  2. Not easy to detangle
  3. Need effort to dismantle

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Q&A on Quace LED Curtain String Fairy Lights
Q1. Can we put these lights outdoors also?

Yes, you can. You much be extra careful not to put them while raining.

Q2. What to do if small stars stop shining after 4 or 5 days

You can return or replace the product because your return window period is still open.

2. Satyam LED Lights

Deal of the Day: the best led cork shape lights Christmas

Satyam Kraft Bottle Cork Lights Indoor Outdoor Decoration Yellow Color

Material: Acrylic | Batteries Operated: Yes | Number of Reviews in Amazon: 1620 ratings

Imagine a Christmas day and you want to light up the room. This the best led cork shape lights from Satyam Lights would be an ideal option for you.

What makes this special cork shape special. Because it suitable for all for DIY bottle lights such as wine bottle.

Celebration lighting, a chilled out night or just evening relaxed mood…it serves all ❤.

You could say its not a string light technically but a cork shape light. I added this in the list because it is ideal for table decoration and decorate for wedding celebrations.

This Satyam LED Lights is one of the top among Amazon Bestsellers.

Main Features: Perfect for Home

Design to any DIY shape.

The package comes without plastic fillers.


  1. 2 Mode change option
  2. Wire is long enough
  3. Appropriate for indoor use
  4. Suitable for outdoor use
  5. Fast installation


  1. Single one would not be enough

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Q&A on Satyam Kraft Bottle Cork Lights Indoor
Q1. Is it a battery operated led string light?

Yes, Satyam Kraft Bottle Cork Lights Indoor are battery operated.

Q2. What type of battery is used?

Pencil cell battery is used in it

3. The Purple Tree Star LED Lights

Best Buy led string lights cheap

The Purple Tree Decorative Star Curtain LED Lights for Diwali Christmas Wedding

Length of the LED string wire: 2.5 Meter | Number of LEDs: 138 | Number of Reviews in Amazon: 1049 ratings | Material: Plastic | Weight: 300 Grams | Package Dimensions: 27.7 x 20.9 x 5.2 cm | Battery operated: No

Do you want your guests to go wow, amazing and congratulate for interior light setup. Then buy this new light from brand. This is one of the best buy led string lights cheap in Amazon online.

Star Shaped Design gives it a special look and feel

The length of the curtain is bigger than you think. It would be twice the size of modern apartment windows. But you can fold it to get the effect.

8 modes change options

  • Combination
  • Waves
  • Sequential
  • Slow glow
  • Chasing/flash
  • Slow fade
  • Twinkle/flash
  • Steady on

This star curtain string lights of 6.7ft×3.3ft has 12 stars ornaments. 6 of these stars ornaments are big and other 6 are small.

Ideal to decorate your Home for party and wedding. You can use these led string light in restaurants for festival and special announcements. You can use it for holiday celebrations, big discount sales in Hotel, Shopping Center and malls.

This star curtain string lights is the one of the best available in the market. It needs a 29 volt power supply. For that the it comes with a UL certified plug-in transformer.

Essential Features: Top Choice

Waterproof led lights

UL certified plug-in transformer


  1. Safe
  2. UL certified plug-in transformer
  3. High-brightness string light
  4. Waterproof level is IP44


  1. Power is non-waterproof
  2. Controller is non-waterproof

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Q&A on The Purple Tree Decorative Star Curtain LED Lights
Q1. Will this star-string lights work in countries like Canada with 110volts ?

Yes it would. This led lights comes with UL certified plug-in transformer which provides 29 output volt. You may need to buy an Indian type adaptor to plug in.

Q2. Can we put this led string star lights for curtain be put in balcony while rains?

No you should not put it outside when it rains. This might damage the led.

4. PESCA NET Mesh LED lights

Best Ever Savings led string lights outdoor

PESCA Led Net Mesh Fairy String Decorative Lights Low Voltage

Led net mesh light’s specification: 6.6ft x 6.6ft Number of LEDs: 144 | Battery Operated: Yes | Number of Reviews in Amazon: 924 ratings

One my friend was looking for battery operated NET Mesh LED lights type for architectural decoration, I suggested this lights from PESCA to him and he was fully satisfied.

144 ultra bright LEDs in net mesh strings is suitable for lighting up Swimming Pool, Pergola and Terrace. You can also use PESCA NET Mesh LED lights in commercial shops, pubs, clubs, concert halls and fashion shows.

This best ever savings led string lights outdoor are connected in a mesh type with male and female safe plug. It has flexible and durable copper wire which is covered in the clear plastic coating.

Wrong Claims – Hmmm

The product is well and good however some claims by the company needs to be said.

Is Plastic Eco Friendly

The product descriptions says its is made of eco-friendly material but its not. The copper wire is covered with plastic and how can it be eco-friendly material? This wrong advertisement was not needed in the first place to begin with.

The selling point is the net mesh type string lights and how affordable and user friendly it is. They purposefully added this eco-friendly material claim without being eco-friendly. I would reduce a mark for wrong claim.

IP44 or IP65 – What is it

Next problem is they claim it has IP44 rating in the beginning but in the product description page, they says it has a protection rating of ip65. This is another confusing claim made by PESCA.

IP44 Waterproof design makes it ideal to decorate porch, backyard and garland.

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Major Features: Finest Design

Dew drop shaped bulbs


  1. IP44 Waterproof design
  2. Only 5v output voltage
  3. Low current
  4. Insulated copper wire
  5. Safe to touch


  1. Plastic Coated – Not eco-friendly material
  2. Only steady on mode available
  3. Wrong claims

They have a Usb version of these lights which can be powered by a USB power bank and computer.

Q&A on PESCA NET Mesh LED lights
Q1. How to use PESCA NET Mesh LED lights?

PESCA NET Mesh LED lights is a simple plug and play device. You can just plug them and the lights will on.

Q2. Is it battery operated led string lights?

Yes, It is battery operated.

5. PESCA Bottle Cork LED Lights

Best Low Price led string lights battery operated

PESCA 20 LED Wine Bottle Cork Lights Copper Wire String Lights 2M Battery Operated Wine Bottle Fairy Lights

Package Dimensions: 6.6 x 4.4 x 2.1 cm | Weight; 20 Grams | Manufacturer: Narayani Spring Industries | Battery Operated: Yes | Number of Reviews in Amazon: 905 ratings

PESCA Bottle Cork LED Lights are best low price led string lights battery operated in the market. The bulb life is up to fifty thousand hours for long-term lighting. These are powered by 2 AA Duracell battery and can be used with a usb port.

I was careful while reviewing PESCA 20 LED Wine Bottle Cork Lights. I just finished checking PESCA NET Mesh LED lights above and I was doubtful about wrong claims by the company previously. However this has no wring claims.

The flexible 5 meter long copper wire can be bent o fit to any shape.

Best Features: Best Professional

This LED Starry Lights is good for photography purpose.


  1. Bright
  2. White Warm Color
  3. Micro LEDs 
  4. Lightweight
  5. Easy to move
  6. Easy to bend
  7. Water drop shape


  1. USB PLUG part is not waterproof
  2. The metal plates of the battery is loose.

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Q&A on PESCA Bottle Cork LED Lights
Q1. Does PESCA NET Mesh LED lights have regulatory certifications like bis or ce mark?

Not it does not.

Q2. Does it support mode change?

No it does not.

6. SATYAM KRAFT led lights

Best Cheap led string lights amazon

SATYAM KRAFT 20 Star String Lights for Indoor Outdoor Decoration

Color: Yellow | Package Dimensions: 16.9 x 12 x 4.8 cm | Weight:130 Grams | Material: Acrylic | Wire Length: 3 Meter | Number of Reviews in Amazon: 842 ratings

SATYAM KRAFT has been top one among the leading companies to make some of the impressive led string lights for bedroom for a while now.

This is one of the best cheap led string lights in amazon. You can easily install these lights by hanging them on windows at night, walls for a picturesque scene and ceilings as well.

Satyam Kraft Star String Light LED lamp beads will not fall of easily. Comfortable warm yellow color light is emitted from these lights which makes it ideal to decorate bedroom, home, commercial shops and weddings.

There is a total of 20 star lights in this string lights with a wire length of 3 meters makes it a good deal.

Top Features: Best Value

2 lighting modes – blinking and steady on. This is not mentioned in the product description. But it has two light modes.


  1. Great starry design
  2. Battery operated
  3. Star size is 2-3cm
  4. no need to search for plug points


  1. No warranty
  2. Not waterproof

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Q&A on SATYAM KRAFT led lights
Q1. Is SATYAM KRAFT led lights powered by Electricity?

No, it is not. SATYAM KRAFT led lights are battery operated and need 3 standard pencil cells to run.

Q2. Where is the option to change the stable lights to twinkling lights

It is between the on and off button.

7. Homesake led string light

Best Low Budget led string lights battery powered

Homesake 50 Led Lights for Decoration Fairy Lights For Bedroom, Battery Operated String Lights for Decoration Mirchi Jhumar lighting for Home

Color: Golden | Package Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 10 cm | Weight: 100 Grams | Manufacturer: Homesake | Number of Reviews in Amazon: 638 ratings

Are you planning for decoration of trees along streets for a party night. Then go for this light from Homesake.

Homesake battery operated string LEDs has 50 bright LEDs bulbs which is amazing. These gorgeous LED Fairy Lights have 16 ft silver plated copper wire. Usually the coating is plastic in other led lights which makes this more appealing.

The comment section of Amazon is totally confusing. The seller has replaced the earlier product to this new led lights. The comments are made for the previous product featured in the link. This is confusing for readers and not appropriate.

If you are looking for a decoration fairy lights For bedroom that will not break the bank, then this Homesake 50 Led Lights for bedroom is best for your home.

Unique Features: Best Economical

You can use two 1.5 V batteries to operate this LEDs and these will give you 150 hours continuous lighting.


  1. Lightweight
  2. Silver plated copper wire
  3. Portable
  4. Low heat production
  5. Flexible
  6. Durable
  7. Energy efficient


  1. No warranty
  2. Not waterproof

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Q&A on Homesake led string light
Q1. How do you hang LED lights in a bedroom?

You can use a double side tape, nails, or screws or hang LED lights in a bedroom.

Q2. Does Homesake led string light work on 220v AC home supply?

Homesake led string light is a battery operated led string lights and do not work in direct ac. The lights will burn and get damaged if you plug this in direct current supply.

8. Mufasa Rope Pipe led Light

Best Cheapest string of led fairy lights blue

Mufasa 3014 Led Waterproof Strip Rope Pipe Light SMD Roll

Product Dimensions: 19.56 x 17.27 x 4.83 cm | Color: Blue | Weight: 270 Grams | Model Number: 3014-120 | Battery Operated: No | Number of Reviews in Amazon: 520 ratings

Many are looking for urban night lighting. Here is the best cheapest string of led fairy lights that operate on electricity from Mufasa.

Mufasa trip Rope Pipe Light comes with 120 lights per meter. The wire is absolutely crazy long. The wire is 5 metre long. You can use these lights for back lightning and concealed lightning.

What I liked most about the Mufasa Rope Pipe led Light, compared to some of the other Rope Pipe led Light brands on this list is that it has the best design.

Main Features: Amazon Certified

Directly Plug In To 220V

Comes with Adaptor, Light Fitting And Driver


  1. Wrap on furniture
  2. Twist into Any Shapes
  3. Waterproof IP68
  4. Long Wires
  5. Long Durability


  1. Bad customer reviews
  2. Stopped working for some after some time
Q&A on Mufasa Rope Pipe led Light
Q1. Can I add more wires to it to make it more lenghty?

You cannot. It comes with 5 metre long wire. You can buy additional one.

Q2. Does it need battery?

No, it work using direct AC 220v.

9. Home Solution’s Star led Light

Best Seller led string lights decorative

led strips lights amazon online discount price

Product Dimensions: 30 x 19 x 6 cm | Weight: 470 Grams | Material: Plastic | Number of Reviews in Amazon: 384 ratings

Home Solution has various models of led string lights decorative under them and this is one of their best model.

Home Solution’s led string lights are ideal for bedroom or any part of your house. The string LEDs comes with 12 Stars including 6 big stars and 6 small stars.

A total of 138 LEDs are in the string. You get 8 different flashing modes to change to. The led lights are in warm white color.

My first impression, when I opened the box, was “just wow”. You can use these string led lights for Ganesh Parv, Navarathree and Durga Pooja.

Top Best Features: Best High-End

Best seller fairy light curtain LEDs


  1. 8 modes
  2. Memory Function
  3. Big stars


  1. Bad reviews
  2. Not waterproof
  3. No warranty
Q&A on Home Solution’s Star led Light
Q1. How to hang Home Solution’s Star led Light in the curtain?

Home Solution’s Star led Light already has plastic hooks connected to it. You use them to hang in the curtain.

You can also use transparent command hook to hang it on curtains of your home. You can also use double side tapes.

Q2. Does it work under battery?


10. fizzytech led string lights

Best Most Reliable led string lights for plants

fizzytech Decorative Snowflake String LED Lights for Diwali Christmas Wedding

Product Dimensions: 11.8 x 8.1 x 6.2 cm | Weight: 110 Grams | Number of Reviews in Amazon: 73 ratings

fizzytech is one of the leading brands in the led lights business. I love these small cute bright white and starry snowflakes.

The length of the wire is claimed to be 3 meter. The LED comes with 20 LEDs with a 6 inches interval between each. The waterproof design is so additional benefit to it.

They are used in garden hedges to give them a nice feel. You can hang them on backyard trees to get a beautiful ambiance. You can install them in shop windows and even theaters.

When I first started researching the best Snowflake String LED Lights for Christmas for purchasing, I liked the look of the fizzytech led string lights.

Popular Features: Finest Selection


Amazing design


  1. Waterproof
  2. Durable
  3. Great design
  4. Durability


  1. Actual length of the wire is 2.2 metres only
  2. It clutches to cloths.
Q&A on fizzytech led string lights
Q1: Is it battery operated?

No. Direct plug in.

Q2. Is it a Two Pin direct Plug in led string light?

Yes, This is a Two Pin direct Plug in led string light for bedroom that works under 220V.

Top led string lights for bedroom – Limited Time Deals

We hope you enjoyed the features, pros, cons, what we like and what we do not like of each of the products.

After doing an extensive review on all the top led string lights for bedroom, we have decided to come up with this amazing list. Here is the summary of the top 10 led string lights for bedroom to check easily.

10 Best LED String Lights for Bedroom

From cheapest led string lights to the best, we have got the 10 Best LED String Lights for Bedroom to fit the lighting needs of your home.
Best LED String Lights for BedroomFeatureAverage ReviewBuy Now
Quace led string lightsWaterproof LED4/5Check on Amazon
Satyam LED LightsBest outlet-free4.5/5Check on Amazon
The Purple Tree Star LED LightsBest overall4.8/5Check on Amazon
PESCA NET Mesh LED lightsBest outdoor3.8/5Check on Amazon
PESCA Bottle Cork LED LightsBest budget4.5/5Check on Amazon
SATYAM KRAFT led lightsBest Christmas4.5/5Check on Amazon
Homesake led string lightBest LED4.4/5Check on Amazon
Mufasa Rope Pipe led LightTop-Rated4.6/5Check on Amazon
Home Solution's Star led LightBest indoor4,2/5Check on Amazon
fizzytech led string lightsGreat LED Fairy Lights3.8/5Check on Amazon

Best led string lights for bedroom Buying [Ultimate Guide]

Before buying led string lights for home bedroom, lets see what are LEDs and how energy efficient are they compared to traditional light bulbs.

Types of lights

There are mainly four types of lights.

Incandescent lights
Halogen Incandescent lights

The LED lighting revolution can save so much gigawatt hours per year, reduce carbon emissions. National Association of State Energy Officials (NASEO) and UNDER2COALITION are keen to spread the led revolution to every household.

What are LEDs?

Light Emitting Diodes or LEDs for shirt are light bulbs that consume less electricity but product up to 90% more efficient light than traditional bulbs. They are shown as replacement of traditional bulbs to reduce energy use globally.

How do LEDs lights work?

All electrical appliances work by converting electricity to light. LEDs work the same way by converting electricity to light using a microchip. The current passes through a microchip which illuminated led lights.

Types of led string lights

There are two type of led string lights – battery operated and electricity operated.

Battery operated led string lights

They are led lights that works through battery cells. Some need AA cell batteries where others need pencil cell batteries. Both work under same principal of converting stored electricity to light.

How battery operated led lights work

The two ends of the wires are connected to the negative or point of the battery and other end is connected to a switch respectively.

A wire from the switch is connected to the other end of the light. This create a circuit. When you on the switch, it enabled the current stored in battery to pass to the led light.

An adaptor are also connected usually between the switch and the light. This controls the mode changes of the led light. This is how battery operated led lights work.

battery operated led string lights

Some led lights has non-rechargeable batteries where you need to change batteries when their charge deplete. Others has rechargeable-battery which you can charge again.

Electricity operated led string lights

Electricity operated led string lights converts home electricity to light. These comes with a transformer that reduces the voltage of 230v of home current to 29v to 30v that enable the leds lights to work.

You easily plug these type to nearby plug points and switch on the light. They will be off when the electricity goes.

Benefits of LED lights

A comparison has been done between Traditional Incandescents, Halogen Incandescents, CFLs, and LEDs

Led lights has been in the news for some time now. Chicago replaced 270,000 traditional street lights. New York State trying to replace half a million traditional street lights. All public lighting is going to be changed to energy efficient LED technology (LED).


Led lights in the market has good brightness and most of them has bright yellow to neutral white color. Lumens is the unit of brightness emitted by a bulb. If the bulb has more lumen, the you will get more light. If the bulb has less lumen, the bulb has less brightness.

Some of the LED bulbs do not share how much lumen it has. But you can watch out of bulbs with higher lumen for more brightness.

Energy Savings

Led lights are more energy saving than other lights. ENERGY STAR rate led lights use up to 75% less energy than traditional lights. Led lights last longer than others as well.

Let us calculate the energy cost if an electricity rate of 11 cents per kilowatt-hour is considered. The actual energy cost of a 60W Traditional Incandescent bulb based on 2 hrs per day of usage would be $4.80.

If you are using 43W Energy-Saving Incandescent, then it would be $3.50. The 15W CFL will give you a energy cost of $1.20. Finally a 12W LED light have energy cost of $1.00 only.

Long Life

The bulb life of a 60W Traditional Incandescent is 1000 hours. For a 43W Energy-Saving Incandescent bulb, the life would be 2000 to 3000 hours.

For a 15W CFL bulb, it is ten times better than other two lights with 10,000 hours. Can you guess the long life of a 12W LED. The long life of a 12 W LED light is 25,000 hours. Yes that much.

Low Heat Emission

LED lights produce very little heat as they are small in size. Incandescent bulbs release heat as they produce light. Actually 90% of the energy consumed by the traditional lights is wasted as heat discharge.


LED lights emission is directional. This means it emit light in a specific direction. This is so energy efficient as we can avoid using reflectors to divert light or diffusers to spread light to multiple directions.

How to Choose the Best led string lights for bedroom: Ultimate Guide with Buying Tips

Our editors have tested all the led string light bulbs on the market. This ultimate guide will help you to choose the perfect led string light bulbs for your home.

Ingress Protection Mark (IP Rating)

IP rating means Ingress Protection mark or International Protection mark. This system provides two digit number for the power of resistance to different types of external intrusion.

Waterproof led lights are often tested and a specific number is assigned to it. The first digit tells how it is resistant to foreign body and the second digit says if it is resistant to moisture.

First digits are in a range of 0-6, where 0 is not rated and 6 is full protection against all types of particulars including a vacuum seal. Second digits are in a ranged 0-9K, where 0 is not rated and 9K is protection against high pressure water procedures.

If an LED string light has a IP44 rating, it means, the first digit 4 says it has protection against solid objects larger than 1mm. You can think about pins, needles, wires, screws and nails. The second digit 4 says it has protection against splashing of water. It does not means it is completely waterproof.

Different Modes Settings

Many led lights come with only stead on mode which means the lights will just stay on. Led lights with Mode change gives you a plethora of settings to choose from.

You can make them blink, use them in waves patterns, slow fad for romance or flash it with a rock song. I would suggest to look for led string lights with modes change settings.

Length of the Wire

You must visualize the position of the led string light before buying it. This will enable you to understand how long the wire should be. You can use a measurement tape to check the length you need.

You can then choose right led string light with the measured length. If you buy lights with small wires, it would not reach to the positions you wanted.

UL certified plug-in transformer

Many led string lights comes with electric transformers. If you a buy a cheap quality one, this transformer might damage the led lights if there is a higher power variation.

You can UL certified plug-in transformers as they are certified by UL. UL is a company that provides certification to electric appliances and engineering tools. These are much safer to use than uncertified transformers.

Conclusion: What are the best LED string lights?

The right LED string lights has a number of benefits. All the best LED string lights for bedroom in our review are easy to use and has amazing features than others brands.

Quace led string lights, Satyam LED Lights, The Purple Tree Star LED Lights and fizzytech led string lights are best led string lights for bedroom from this list. I would recommend to buy them.

SATYAM KRAFT led lights and Homesake led string lights are average quality lights. PESCA NET Mesh LED lights and PESCA Bottle Cork LED Lights have wrong claims and do not have enough positive customer reviews. I would keep them reserved for later.

Mufasa Rope Pipe led Lights and Home Solution’s Star led Light are worse with bad reviews and low product quality. It is better to avoid them.

It would be tough to say which led lights are better. However this list contains 10 best LED string lights for bedroom and for home.

LED string light bulbs for bedroom FAQs

Here I will answer questions related to led bulbs, commonly asked by consumers. I will answer the questions sent to us by our readers.

Q1: How to hang led string lights indoors without nails

Take your time to plan what length you need. Then visualize the positioning like how will it look in indoor or outdoor. You might need to check for waterproof rating if you plan to use led lights outdoor. For indoor think if it will blend with the background.

You can also draw click a picture of your room or the place you want to put these. Then use Photoshop or any other free online photo editing tool to see how it will look. This will give you a basic idea. Once purchased after considering all the buying tips, I mentioned above and then unbox and unwind.

Put led lights in a straight line. This will give you an idea of how long the wire is and whether can you plug it to nearby point if it is electrical. Hang carefully and you can use hanging hooks or double side tapes for it.

Carefully on the switch and voila. That is how you a hang a led light.

Q2. Can you leave LED string lights on all night?

Yes, you can. LED lights consume very less electricity if is powered by that. If it lights are battery operated, then the battery might get depleted after some time.

Long use of electricity powered lights might cause heat dissipation and it could start a fire in your home. Maximum of 6 hours of prolonged use is advisable. You can switch off led lights after 6 hours, let it cool down and then switch it on.

Thank you for reading our articles on led lights.

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