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How to Find Best Deals in Amazon in 2 Clicks

Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals find best deals in Amazon
Deal of the Day, Lightning Deals find best deals in Amazon

It is not hard to find best deals in Amazon. In this post, we will share you inside links to find best deals of every product category of Amazon.

How a Customer Find Products in Amazon Normally
As you all know Amazon.com or Amazon.in or any such domain is used to enter the Amazon website.

Then the customer simply type what product they want in search box and hit search button. Amazon shows the products based relevance, average reviews, product with lower cost and products with higher cost.

Customer spends 15-30 minutes to choose a product from the list and add to cart. This is the normal process. Here is How to Get Best Deals in Amazon.

Find Best Deals in Amazon

Find Best Deals in Amazon

There is a much better way to find best deals on products by looking at the category section. You can use the below categories to go to Amazon and then look for products that you want.

Then go the product description in the bottom. You can see technical details there including brand, manufacturer, model and product dimension.

Beside that you can spot Additional Information of the product including ASIN, customer reviews and best seller rank. Under best seller rank you can see a number with hashtag and the category name.

Click on the category and you can find the best seller products of the category you are searching for. This method will help you find your desired product without looking and wasting time under sponsored products. This is an easy way to find best deals in Amazon.

Get Best Deals in Amazon – Category wise

Best deals on industrial products including professional marble cutters, arc welding machines, cordless driller and heat guns.

Amazing deals on scientific products are here. You can buy disposable face shields, FDA certified facemasks, lab supplies and food services from here.

If you want to buy Sports, Fitness & Outdoors items such as home gym items, treadmills, fitness gear, then this is the right place.

For Tools and Home improvement store this is your store. You can buy cleaning supplies, power and hand tools, door locks and all kitchen and bathroom fixtures from here.

Home and Kitchen Best Deals in Amazon

If you are looking to get best deals in Amazon on home and kitchen, then this half price store is your choice. You can get mixer grinder, dry iron, inverters, scissors, Disinfectant Sprays and Liquids and more.

Are you looking for best cheap deals on Amazon, then this store for Home & Kitchen products under ₹999 will be the best for you. You can buy electric kettle, weighing scale, Dishwashing Liquid, immersion rod water heater and LED desk lights.

I was talking abut cheap deals under 999 rs right. How about Home & Kitchen products under ₹499. Yes, thats too available in Amazon. Check this category where you can buy lint removers, electric egg boiler, dough makers and battery operated led bulb strings.

How about I go one more step by sharing you the cheapest best deal category on Amazon – Home & Kitchen products under ₹299. In this you can buy digital pocket scale, manual pump for bottled water and kitchen products.


These are best ways to find best deals in Amazon. You can search for “Lightning Deals” to get the best deals of the day. This is a tip for you.

Do share this post to others, so they also can enjoy best deals in Amazon.

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