Marking to market: what is it and what changes in fixed income with the new rule?

Investing in fixed income requires more than considering characteristics such as yield, maturity, risks and liquidity. It’s also important to understand how certain mechanisms work — for example, do you know what mark-to-market is? As it focuses mainly on fixed income securities, it is worth understanding what their impacts are on investments and how to avoid them. In addition, … Read more

Fund manager: learn everything about the highest paying profession in the country

The fund manager is the professional responsible for taking care of the allocation of agents’ equity within investment funds. Thus, the fund manager has the responsibility of dealing with large amounts of resources, allocating them in order to comply with the investment strategy. What is the function of the fund manager? The fund manager’s main attribution is to manage … Read more

Financial planning: the first step towards your financial freedom.

Regardless of the life stage, carrying out financial planning is essential to achieve some goals, whether professional or personal. In this sense, building good financial planning is a prerequisite for anyone looking to create an emergency reserve and subsequently start investing. What is financial planning? Financial planning is the main tool used by individuals and companies that seek to … Read more