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10 Best Curtain Rods in India

10 Best Curtain Rods for Home

Best curtain rods are essential when you are furnishing your home. It would be tough to go through all the reviews and specifications of each curtain rod for your home and then finalize one.

We have gone through more than 25 curtain rods for your home and has selected the 10 best curtain rods for your home in budget prices. This article will help you to make the right choice and buy the best curtain rod in the online market.

This 10 best cheap curtain rods online in amazon will show you the best features, specifications and recommendations in choosing the right curtain rod for your home.

Updated Deals

1. AmazonBasics Curtain Rod – 28″ to 48″, Bronze

2. AmazonBasics 1″ rounded curtain rod, 36″ to 72″, Nickel

List of 10 Best Curtain Rods for Your Sweet Home

Here is the list of the 10 best curtains rods made in Aluminum, wood, brass and other materials with different design which might suit your home curtains, shower curtains and bathroom curtains.

1. AmazonBasics Adjustable-length Curtain Rod

Perfect black shower curtain rod for Bedroom

Color: Bronze | Product Dimensions: 383.54 x 9.14 x 8.13 cm | Weight: 1.6 Kilograms | Material: Metal

AmazonBasics Adjustable-length black shower curtain rod is the Second Ranked Curtain rod in Amazon. It is ideal for bedroom of your home comes in two sizes – 36″ to 72″ 72″ to 144″. AmazonBasics Adjustable-length curtain rod can be extended from 72 to 144 inches.

The curtain rod has 1-inch rod diameter. This curtain rod is deigned to handle heavy fabrics. This curtain rod from Amazonbasics can hold up to 10 kg easily. I would not go for curtains that weigh more than 12kg to use with this.

The Urn finials on both ends gives a nice classy look. The curtain rod comes with 3 brackets, fixer, screws, anchors and wall mount to fit nicely in the wall.

Best Features

  • Effective coverage: The curtain rod can be extended as per your wall width and need and helpful to cover more space.
  • Enhanced privacy: The ample coverage gives great privacy.
  • Prevents side light from entering: The durable telescoping design and extended coverage blocks side light from entering your place.
  • Available colors are Black, Bronze, or Nickel
  • Comes with mounting hardware, including 3 brackets, fixer, screws, anchors and how to install curtain rods instruction guide.

2. Deco Window Extendable Curtain Rod Oval Urn Brown

Perfect Curtain Rod for Living Room

Color: Brown | Product Dimensions: 10.01 x 10.01 x 122 cm cm | Weight: 1.3 Kilograms | Material: Metal

Deco Window Basics has two sizes; 36″ to 66″ and 52″ to 144″ inches. This extendable curtain / Drapery rod is extendable up to 36″ to 66″ inches. This extendable curtain rod for your living room comes with oval urn. The color of the rod is brown with a diameter of 25mm.

The telescopic design makes it ideal fit for any particular window sizes of your home. The rod can handle up to 20kg of weight which is twice than the Amazonbasics curtain rod. This is important as some curtain do weigh more 15 kg.

The packages comes with all mounting hardware including 1 Iron Curtain Rod, 2 Finials, 3 Brackets, 6 Screws & fishers.

3. Aurora Adjustable Corner Shower Curtain Rod

Perfect u shaped curtain rod for Corner Shower

Color: Aluminium White | Product Dimensions: 10.01 x 10.01 x 122 cm cm | Weight: 500 Grams | Material: Aluminium

Aurora curtain rods comes in U L and I Shape. This adjustable u shaped curtain rod can be extended and used in square shape for corner shower spaces. The material is Aluminum which is rust proof and light weight.

This corner shower curtain rod comes in bright white color. The L-shaped rod can be cut into smaller pieces. The same can also be used as a straight rod from wall to wall.

4. Deco Window Extendable-Length Curtain Rod

Cheapest Curtain Rod for Dining Room

Color: Bronze | Package Dimensions: 45 x 8 x 8 cm | Weight: 1.4 Kilograms | Load Guarantee: 20 kg | Material: Iron | Finish: Powder Coated

This Deco Window curtain rod would be the best budget curtain rod for your dining room which has an extendable range of 36″ to 66″. This extendable curtain rod has telescopic design which means it can be expanded or collapsed as per the area. This supreme 25mm diameter curtain rod also comes in 52″ to 144″ size to cover larger area.

For that you need to select this 52″ to 144″ size when you order from Amazon. This rod comes with Curtain Pole, Finials x 2, Brackets x 3, Screws& fishers x 6 to fix in your dining room.

5. Deco Essential Brown Wood Curtain Rod

Best Cheap wooden curtain rod Perfect for office

Colour: Brown | Package Dimension: 162 x 9 x 9 cm | Weight: 698.53 Grams | Load Guarantee: 20 kg | Material: Iron | Finish: Powder Coated

Deco Essential is a well known curtain accessories brand in India with more than 11 retail chains and 600 stores. This adjustable-length curtain rod has decorative caps finials. This decorative caps finials provides a nice wooden visual appearance and a classy look and feel.

Deco Essential curtain rod comes with a stylish Brown color. The paint mimics it as wood. The rod is made from Iron. This Curtain Rod has a lenth of 66- 120-Inches with a diameter of 19mm.

This iron curtain rod is made from India and is ranked 61 in Curtain Accessories in Amazon. You might need a carpenter to fix this rod and hang the curtains. Always check whether you have recieved 1 curtain rod, 2 finials, 2 brackets, 3 crews and 6 fishers.

6. AmazonBasics Wall Mounted Curtain Rod

A versatile no drill curtain rod for living rooms

Colour: Bronze | Package Dimension: 184.2 x 5.7 x 11.4 Centimeters | Weight: 1.2 Kilograms | Load Guarantee: Not Provided | Material: Others | Finish: Not Provided

Amazonbasics curtain rods has been always great cheap and easy to mount. This mid century curtain rod is not an exception to this. This has an adjustable length of 36 to 72 inches.

This 1-inch drapery rod with cap finials gives a nice finished look. The product claims to be a no drill curtain rod but you might need a drill to make holes in the wall. This curtain rod has a 1 year limited warranty when you buy from Amazon.

7. Deco Essential Swirl Iron Curtain Rod-Black Matt

Perfect thin curtain rod for Kitchen

Colour: Brown | Package Dimension: 10.01 x 10.01 x 3.99 cm | Weight: 1 Kilograms | Load Guarantee: Not Provided | Material: Iron | Finish: Not Provided

Deco Essential Swirl Iron Extendable Curtain Rod is the top ranked No.1 curtain rod in Amazon. It comes in 66″-120″ inches and a diameter of 19mm. The Black Matt finish makes it feel clean and suits wall curtains with any colors. You get two sets for this price.

The product has Decorative cap finials on either end and comes with 2 Curtain Rod Finials x 6 Brackets x Screw and Fishers.

This curtain rod is perfect for curtains with weight less than 10kg and may not be usable with heavy curtains because the product does not share the required load guarantee.

8. Deco Window Extendable Double Curtain Rod

Oil rubbed bronze shower curtain rod

Color: Brown oil rubbed | Package Dimension: Not Provided | Weight: Not Provided | Load Guarantee: 20kg | Material: Iron | Finish: Powder Coated

This elegant piece will bring a freshness to your bedrooms when you hang your favorite curtains. This extendable Curtain/Drapery Rod from Deco Window has a telescopic design which is extendable up to 52”- 144” inches.

The Brown oil rubbed color makes this iron rod look traditionally classy. This oil rubbed bronze shower curtain rod has a diameter of 25mm and assures a load guaranty of 20kg. This powder coated and comes with 1 iron Curtain Pole, 2 Finials, 3 Brackets and 6 Screws & fishers.

9. Deco Essential Sophia Curtain Rod- Set of 2

Best Modern Curtain Rod for Your Home

Deco Essential Sophia curtain rod is one of the favourite of the consumers. This minimalist and modern design provides a new look of elegance to your home.

It has an extendable size of 66″ – 120″ inches. The brown oil color with powder coating finish provides a balanced visual appearance.

10. AmazonBasics Curtain Rod with Cap Finials and Brackets

Most Bought Cheap Curtain Rod Online

Color: Brown oil rubbed | Package Dimension: Not Provided | Weight: Not Provided | Load Guarantee: 20kg | Material: Iron | Finish: Powder Coated

We saved the best for the last. AmazonBasics 1 inch Adjustable Curtain Rod comes with Cap Finials and Brackets. It can be extendable up to 36 inch – 72 inch.

The black color finish gives it an elegant look. Available colors are Black, Bronze, or Nickel. This sophisticated curtain rod can hold heavier fabrics up to 10 kg.

You can complete the the bright elegant look by buying AmazonBasics curtain clip rings and decorative curtain holdbacks for your home.


Deco Essential Swirl Iron 36″-66″ Extendable Curtain Rod-Black Matt is the best budget curtain rod for home. It is the No.1 best seller in Amazon and would be ideal for kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. This would be the best choice if you are looking for ultra cheap curtain rods.

AmazonBasics 1 inch Adjustable-length Curtain Rod with Urn Finials and Brackets, 36 inch to 72 inch, Bronze is our second choice. It is the most bought item in Amazon and could be ordered in a minute.

Deco Window Extendable Curtain Rod Oval Urn Brown and Deco Window Extendable Double Curtain Rod are our choice curtain rods for home if you have heavy curtains. These two handle heavy fabrics with a load guarantee up to 20kg. Other curtain rods might break or bend if you hang heavy curtains.

Best Cheap Curtain Rods Online for Home Buying Guide

This cheap curtain rods online for home ultimate guide will help you discover what are the best features one should look when buying a new curtain rod online.

Best Curtain Rods OnlineFeaturesAverage Review
AmazonBasics Curtain RodAdjustable-length 4/5
Deco Window Curtain RodExtendable4.5/5
Aurora Corner Shower Curtain RodAdjustable 3.8/5
Deco Window Curtain RodExtendable-Length 3.8/5
Deco Essential Curtain RodBrown Wood type4.5/5
AmazonBasics Curtain RodWall Mounted 4.5/5
Deco Essential Curtain RodSwirl Iron - Black Matt4/5
Deco Window Curtain RodExtendable Double 4/5
Deco Essential Sophia Curtain RodSet of 24/5
AmazonBasics Curtain RodWith Cap Finials and Brackets4.5/5

Adjustable-length and Coverage

Curtain rods must be selected based on how much you can extend them. If you buy a rod without the possibility of extending it might be a waste if your wall is too wide. Measure the width you want to cover first and then look for curtain rods that has this much length.

Handle Heavy Fabrics

Some curtains often weight more than 10kg. Most of the curtain rods that are under budget prices can hold up to 10kg weight only. Look for curtain rods that can handle the weight of the curtains that you have.

Mounting Hardware

Does the curtain rod you selected comes with the needed mounting hardware. If not avoid buying it. You should be careful to buy curtain rods for your home if they come with needed mounting hardware, such as brackets, fixer, screws and anchors.

Otherwise it would be tough to get these pieces and you might have to run to the nearby hardware shops to get it from. Lets just avoid that.

Install curtain rods instruction guide

Some of the curtain rods comes with a installation manual which helps you to install the rods in your home. It is best to check for one when you are the sole person who is going to install it.

Curtain Rods for Home FAQs

Here we will answer the frequently asked questions about Curtain Rods for Home.

Where to find cheap curtain rods online?

This list contains the best cheap curtain rods online for home. You can select the best one from here.

How much does curtain rods cost?

A normal curtain rod usually costs anywhere from 600-1200 rs. You can find the best affordable curtains rods from this list.

What is the end of a curtain rod called?

You can call it brackets or finials. They comes in various sizes and shapes.

Where to buy curtain rods near me?

You can buy them from any hardware shops or shops that sell curtain accessories.

How to hang a curtain without a rod

You can use strings and hoops to hang a curtain without a curtain rod.

How to install curtain rods

Use a measuring tape to find the length you needed to fit your curtains. Then adjust the length of the curtain rod according to this measurement. Mart the spot on the wall. The use a drill to put holes. Use hooks and screws to fit rods to the wall. You can check many YouTube videos for DIY ideas of installing a curtain rod.

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