10 Best Cushion Covers in India

It would be tough to go through all the 50,000 and more cushions covers online in Amazon and find the right one for your home.

That is exactly why we thought of reviewing colorful cushion covers from Amazon. This list includes the best seller decorative cushion covers, recently launched multicolor embroidered cushion covers and cotton, linen & silk designer cushion covers online.

I am sure you will like these and may even recommend one or two to your friends and family.

10 Best Colorful Cushion Covers Online Amazon

We have analyzed more than 50 cushion covers and have reached the list of the 10 Best Colorful Cushion Covers Online Amazon for your sweet home. Here are they;

1. AEROHAVEN Colorful Cushion Covers Amazon

Make Your Living Room Bright with adorable cushion covers

AEROHAVEN Decorative Throw Pillow/Cushion Covers

Product Dimensions:40 x 40 x 2.5 cm| Weight: 290 Grams | Material: Polyester & Polyester Blend | Number of Pieces: 5 pc cushion cover | Shape: Square

AEROHAVEN povides a gorgeous set of 5 Designer Decorative Throw Pillow/Cushion Covers in Amazon. These cushion covers look so elegant and colorful that we don’t have words to express it.

Best Features of elegant cushion covers for couch

This multicolor decorative cushion covers is made using fine premium poly matty with HD digital paint. This gives it a bright extreme visual experience and pleasing to the eyes.

The good quality invisible zip will not hurt your fingers nor annoy the guests. The lovely premium white solid colored satin fabric is an ideal choice for this cushion cover. It comes with a white back flap which may need to be taken care of in the long run. This is a value for money.

2. Khooti Velvet Cushion Cover

Best Colorful Cushion Covers for patio furniture

Khooti Velvet Cushion Cover

Product Dimensions: 25.4 x 0.64 x 25.4 cm| Weight: 180 Grams | Material: Velvet | Number of Pieces: 2 pc cushion cover | Shape: Square

Khooti Velvet Cushion Cover comes in 27 colors and designs. It is suitable for any place including office, bedrooms, living room or office space.

Best Features of cushion covers for sofa

The material is high quality synthetic velvet so that you can comfortable touch and even pamper it :). Do not expect the quality of the real velvet when you are buying this one.

The zipper is sturdy and properly stitched. You can rinse in plain cold water. Do not iron or put the cushion covers in soap water. Dry wash is recommended.

3. AEROHAVEN Decorative Hand Made Jute Pillow Cushion Covers

Best Colorful Cushion Covers Online pattern

 AEROHAVEN Decorative Hand Made Jute Throw/Pillow Cushion Covers

Product Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 2.5 cm| Weight: 250 Grams | Material: Jute | Number of Pieces: 5 pc cushion cover | Shape: Square

If you are a person who like hand made items, then this handmade jute cushion cover would be the best choice. This AEROHAVEN decorative cushion covers are 100% hand made.

Best Features – Cushion cover fabric

It is made from fine premium Jute with HD digital print on it. it is long lasting than other types of cushion covers. This Throw/Pillow Cushion Covers are vibrant multicolor with traditional design.

The robust synthetic jute gives you a slightly rough texture. The inner lining makes the covers thicker than normal. Stitching is done nicely and you get enough space to stuff cushions inside. You will get a set of 5 colorful cushion covers [without fillers] for a budget price.

4. CIDIZY Tree Jute Small Cushion Covers at home

Exotic Tree print Cushion Covers Beautiful Appearance

CIDIZY Tree Jute Small Cushion Covers

Product Dimensions: 25 x 25 x 4 cm| Weight: 300 Grams | Material: Jute | Number of Pieces: 5 pc cushion cover | Shape: Square

CIDIZY self printed exotic Tree print pattern design decorative cushion covers are classy and is made for nature friendly people. It is made from Jute which makes it washable multiple times without the color fading.

Best Features of cushion cover for office chair

It has digital print Jute in the front and cream dupion silk in the backside. These are small cushion covers with dimension of 12×12 inches and good cushion cover for office chair.

These multi-colored cushion with exotic Tree print pattern are available in 12×12 inches, 16×16 inches and 24×24 inches. They are well finished from edge to edge which is a value for money. It is stitched from all sides with zips on the back of all cushion covers.

5. Swasiya Jute Printed Sofa Cushion Cover

Inexpensive Cushion Covers to refresh the look of Your Sofa

Swasiya™ Jute Printed Digital Desgin Decorative Sofa Cushion Cover Pack of 5

Product Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 5 cm | Weight: 400 Grams | Material: Jute | Number of Pieces: 5 pc cushion cover | Shape: Square

Swasiya Jute printed digital design decorative sofa cushion cover has a trendy look that will sparkle your living room. This new brand Swasiya offers 30 different digital design self printed cushion covers to beautify your home.

Best Features cushion cover bar stools

Best Swasiya covers are machine washable and can be replaced in just minutes. This easily replaceable feature comes in handy when an impromptu gathering is on the cards. This are ideal cushion cover bar stools.

Swasiya cushion covers are made of jute but I felt it had more of a rough satiny finish which is little rough. However after 2 machine wash it became smooth.

6. PINK PARROT Dupion Silk cushion cover big size

Pep up any room in Your Home with Colorful Cushion Covers

PINK PARROT Dupion Silk Cushion Cover

Product Dimensions: 17.8 x 13.2 x 7.4 cm | Weight: 200 Grams | Material: Silk | Number of Pieces: 5 pc cushion cover | Shape: Square

Beautiful and colorfully designed cushion covers are important purchase for the home. This aesthetically appealing cushion covers will complete the decor in a room. It creates a splendid idea of uplifting the appearance to your living room.

These colorful cushion covers will add style to the furniture and enhance the decor of your home. A zipper closure system is pretty decent. This gives elegant look to my bed and back cover is plain without design.

7. AEROHAVEN Cotton Cushion Covers Online

Best cushion cover blue and Best in Quality

AEROHAVEN Cotton Abstract Decorative Throw Pillow

Product Dimensions: 30 x 30 x 1.25 cm | Weight: 290 Grams | Material: Cotton| Number of Pieces: 5 pc cushion cover | Shape: Square

I have shared some jute cushion covers above and you might be wondering what about colorful cotton cushion covers. Here is the latest pocket friendly AEROHAVEN cotton decorative colorful cushion covers online for you.

Do you want to get up from your bed early in a great mood. Then stylish and trendy cotton cushion covers is for you. These are cheap in price and best in quality. Back fabric of these cushions are premium cream colored satin.

8. Oussum Satin cushion cover banana cream

Product Dimensions: 10 x 10 x 2 cm | Weight:450 Grams | Material: Cotton | Number of Pieces: 2 pc cushion cover | Shape: Rectangular

Firstly it looks plain, I know. Secondly, it is made of breathable crinkly synthetic satin. Thirdly, and most importantly, this super smooth colorful cushion covers helps prevent hair fall. In other words, this is a best buy.

If you are looking for a pillow for throw fight, this is not for you. This would be a standard satin cushion cover. They comes with 39 different colorful designs.

Available sizes

  • Standard Size,20X26 INCHES
  • Regular Size, 18X27 INCHES
  • Queen Size, 20X30 INCHES
  • King Size, 20X40 INCHES

9. AEROHAVEN Multi Colored Hand Made Velvet Cushion Covers

Best cushion cover chair online

Product Dimensions: 40 x 40 x 2.5 cm | Weight:350 Grams | Material: Velvet | Number of Pieces: 5 pc cushion cover | Shape: Square

This AEROHAVEN provide you a set of 5 Multi Colored Cushion Covers for a cheap price. This Decorative Throw pillow cover is completely Hand Made. The Velvet material will give you a nice smooth touch.

You can wash this colorful cushion covers in normal washing machine in cold water. The front fabric is velvet and the back fabric is cotton. You might find it difficult to find the small zip and put the filler inside. But this can be done very easily.

10. STITCHNEST Canvas Cotton Cushion Cover

Multicolor for home sofa

Product Dimensions: 30.48 x 30.48 x 0.13 cm | Weight:300 Grams | Material: Others | Number of Pieces: 5 pc cushion cover | Shape: Square

STITCHNEST offers the best Canvas Cotton multi colorful Cushion Covers online for an affordable price. Their home decorative cushions are designed to improve home design usability.

It comes with a fabric strength of 300 GSM which will keep the cushion cover without much issue for long time. You can use mild detergent for cold wash.

This can be used cushion covers for chairs in office or in your living room. You can also gift them to your friends or family especially as diwali gifts.

Best Cushion Cover Buying Guide

This section will deal with what you should look for when you are looking to buy a cushion cover.

What is a Cushion Cover

A cushion cover is fabric cover to cover pillows or cushions at home. This is used to protect the pillows of cushions from damage and dust. Cushion covers comes in many designs and colorful patterns.

Features to check before buying colorful Cushion Covers

What features one must look for before buying a cushion cover. They are fabric, price, design, color, space, machine washable and zip closure system.


Cushion covers are often made with cotton, jute, velvet or satin. Check for the material of the cushion cover before you purchase them. If you are allergic to some specific material like satin, then do not buy it.


Color is very much your choice. The above 10 cushion covers online from Amazon will gives tons of colors to choose from.


You can buy very costly cushion covers or budget ones. It all depends on how much you can afford. Check for the price before purchasing,

Design of Cushion Cover

Cushion covers comes in many designs. I have shared exotic tree design, abstract design and nature friendly design. Choose what you liked the best.

Space Where you going to put it

You need to look at where you need to place cushion covers and whether it will match the surrounding. It should also match the color of the sofa or chairs that you are going to put it.

Machine Washable or not

Some cushion covers need delicate wash and not machine wash. Some can be put in the washing machine. Look for the cushion cover for this feature.

Zip size and location

Most of the cushion covers comes with small zips in the backside of the cover. However if the zip is tool small, it would be hard to replace the filler every time. So check for the zip if it is large enough.

Conclusion – Which Cushion Cover is the Best

These are the 10 top cushion covers we found online.

Best Colorful Cushion CoversWhere to Buy fromAverage Review
AEROHAVEN fine premium poly matty Cushion CoversOnline, Amazon4.5/5
Khooti Velvet Cushion CoversOnline, Amazon4.5/5
AEROHAVEN Decorative Hand Made Jute Cushion CoversOnline, Amazon3.8/5
CIDIZY Tree Jute Cushion CoversOnline, Amazon4/5
Swasiya Jute Printed Cushion CoversOnline, Amazon4.5/5
PINK PARROT Dupion Silk Cushion CoversOnline, Amazon4.5/5
AEROHAVEN Cotton Cushion CoversOnline, Amazon4/5
Oussum Satin Cushion CoversOnline, Amazon4/5
AEROHAVEN Hand Made Velvet Cushion CoversOnline, Amazon4.5/5
STITCHNEST Canvas Cotton Cushion CoversOnline, Amazon4.5/5

All these are good for your home and can easily be bought with such affordable prices. It depends on your taste and your idea of how your home should look like.

We would be glad if you decide to purchase one from this list or even refer to your friends by sharing the link.

A prolific writer and an enthusiastic interior decorator. She writes about the best budget products for home decor and home furnishing.

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