What to look for when buying an air conditioner in India

Ok, so you are planning to buy an air conditioner. An air conditioner is a worthy asset to remove the struggles with the summar heat.

I would like to take your 2 minutes to explain to you what to look for when buying an air conditioner in India.

What is inverter ac

An inverter ac will run continuously from the time you switch on it but it will take power only to sustain the room temperature stable. An inverter air-conditioner adjust the compressor speed to control the flow rate of the refrigerant gas inside. This will reduce the used current and power in your home.

Air conditioner buying guide

There are many factors one should consider when buying an air condititioner especially when you are in India. North Indian climate is smoing hot and it would be really tought to live without an ac.

1. Capacity

If you are looking at providing coolness in your medium sized bedroom smaller than 140 sq. ft, then 1 ton ac would be fine.

If the room size is in between 140 sq. ft. to 180sq ft. then you need an ac with 1.5 ton capacity. Any larger room with more than 180sq ft. will need ac of 2 ton.

You can buy Blue Star 0.8 Ton 3 Star Inverter Split AC (Copper, 2020 Model, IC309RBTU, White) for a smaller room with less than 100sq ft. It is available in Amazon with a price: ₹ 25,990.00.

2. Energy Efficiency

You might have heard about 5 star AC or 3 star ac. Stars are given based on the energy efficiency of the appliance. BEE stands for Bureau of Energy Efficiency provides star rating to electrical appliances based on the energy consumption and efficiency.

The higher the Bureau of Energy Efficiency star rating the better. When I went to the nearest shop to buy an AC, the salesman told not to buy 5 star AC, because it use more energy. I was like what?.

He pointed me to the sticker on the AC stating the BEE rating. Then told me 3 star ac has less rating hence use less energy. I didnt want to waste my time explaining to him. So I told thanks for telling me this, but I want 5 star only.

It is always better to buy 5 star AC to save energy and electricity bill.

3. Split or Window AC ?

There is no question like that. It is always split AC. Window ac’s are a thing of the past. Split ac are better in cooling and use less energy.

4. Air Quality

AC’s with good dehumidifier unit can increase the air quality in your home. Not just that some AC’s comes with technology to filter bacterias in your room. In this covide pandemic, I think thats a good choice.

5. Installation, Maintenance and Cleaning

Always try to buy from an authorised dealer and look for a good brand like Daikin, Panasonic, Blue Star, Voltas, Hitachi and Lloyd Air Conditioners. Avoid buying LG, Samsung, Sanyo, AmazonBasics and Whirlpool ACs.

You might need to pay 1500- 1800 rs for installation for some AC’s and you might get free installation for some. I would advise you to not to fall for free installation trick on bad brands like Amstrad, AmazonBasics or Sanyo Air Conditioners. Pay a little bit and do not regret later.

Maintenance are often done 4 times a year for free for the first year. You might need to pay for the rest of the cleaning for later years. Cleaning of the AC will be done by the service person.

6. Cooling Speed

The best ac brand air conditioner for home need the best cooling speed. You can check with the sales people or lookup online about the model to get the cooling speed.

7. Other Factors that should influence your AC purchase

An auto restart function would be an ideal factor when you look for buying an AC.

An inverter ac is always better than a non-inverter ac.

The sleep mode function which will adjust the speed automatically would best.

A stabilizer is a must buy for an AC. This will give more life to the AC and reduce voltage variations.

Should I buy Multipurpose ACs

I would not advice to buy multipurpose acs because I did not use it till now. Superia 365 Split Air Conditioner offers this hot and cold ac technology. I wouldn’t it buy it.

These are best factors to consider when you want to buy the best ac in india.

Apexa Patel
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She love writing on smart home lighting and light products in budget prices. She writes extensively on decorative light bulbs, wall lamps and light fixtures for home.

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