12 Best Wall Stickers on Amazon India (PVC, 3D, Vinyl)


Are you looking for extra large wall stickers online india. We have analyzed the best selling wall stickers in amazon, 3d wall stickers amazon and pvc wall stickers. You can buy all these full wall stickers for bedroom at affordable prices. I am sure you will like these best wallpaper stickers in India at budget prices.

Everyone likes different designs in their homes and painting it does not give enough different color or designs, and it is very challenging to do.

Having different designs with different colors associated with them makes your home looks more distinguished and you can change it anytime you want with a different wallpaper stick.

12 Best Wall Stickers in India

That is why a lot of people use wall sticks in their homes to create a different environment or just get a sense of difference once in a while. Here are the 12 best wallpaper stickers in India on Amazon.

1. Wolpin Wall Sticker

Wolpin Wall Stickers Wallpaper DIY Decals (45 x 500 cm) 3D PVC DIY Self Adhesive, Multicolour

This DIY wall sticker which allows you to change the design’s positions and shapes however you wish is a perfect addition to your home.

Wolpin Wall Stickers can be applied anywhere from the kitchen to the bathroom and they are also good for applying to cabinets, furniture, wardrobe, and so on.

Wolpin Wallpaper DIY Decals are waterproof, heat & oil resistant, and can be repositioned if you did not like how you used them. However, the color & design is only squared, and even though you can change it, it does not offer too much of a difference.

You can check the item on Amazon: here.

2. Decals Design Wall Sticker

Decals Design ‘Tree with Birds and Cages’ Wall Sticker (PVC Vinyl, 30 cm x 90 cm, Brown)

This wallpaper stick with a tree with birds and cage design offers a different and quality visual for your home.

This great wall sticker might be great for your kid’s room or for your hobby room where you might need a little bit of positivity or fun while you are in there.

Since it is not too big, you can also put it over another wallpaper sticker like a decoration. However, this does not cover the whole wall, and it is just for a part.

You can check the item on Amazon: here.

3. Wollzo Wall Sticker

Wollzo Golden Floral Bed Room self Adhesive Wallpaper (45 x 500 cm)

The self-adhesive wall sticker makes it easy to cover your room’s walls into this amazing design. Even after you stick the wallpaper, you can always remove it again but, you have to be really careful when removing it, otherwise, it might get damaged.

This great wallpaper sticker is very easy to install, just peel and paste. However, design sizes are limited to be careful when you are buying it.

You can check the item on Amazon: here.

4. Wolpin Wall Sticker

Wolpin Wall Stickers Furniture Wallpaper Wood

This wall sticker with a wood visual is perfect if you are looking to cover up your items or your walls.

You can apply it to wherever you want, walls, furniture, wardrobes, and so on, and it is really easy to use because you only peel and stick it to the wall or to the item. However, its vision is unusual for walls.

You can check the item on Amazon: here.

5. Indian Royals Wall Sticker

Indian Royals PVC Peel And Stick Modern Brick Wall 3D Wallpaper, 45 x 1000 cm

This great wallpaper sticker could be used for outdoor purposes or if you are looking to give a different visual to a room in your house, it could be a perfect opportunity.

You can easily apply this sticker and remove it again. This great wall sticker has shock, moisture, and pressure resistance and it is waterproof to protect it from any kind of damage. However, its price is very expensive compared to its counterparts and can be a little bit too much for a room inside your house.

You can check the item on Amazon: here.

6. ELTON Black Wall Sticker

ELTON Black Marble High Gloss Vinyl Self Adhesive Wallpaper,Furniture Film ,16 x 60 inch

You can use this wall sticker not only on your walls but also in your cupboard, wardrobe, tabletop, and many more items.

It gives out a cool vibe with its high gloss black marble visual and has more than 10 sizes you can choose from. However, it is not good for excessive use around the house because its design makes it a weird visual if used too much.

You can check the item on Amazon: here.

7. Maharaj Mall Wall Sticker

Maharaj Mall Oil Proof Waterproof Aluminium Foil Stickers

Maharaj wall sticker offers oil and waterproof which makes it a perfect candidate for the kitchen since the sticker might get faced with these two very often.

The design it has is also a perfect match for the kitchen and its utensils at the same time. However, it is not recommended to use on walls because it is mostly designed for kitchen purposes. Be careful when deciding to buy that.

You can check the item on Amazon: here.

8. CVANU Wood Wall Sticker

CVANU Self Adhesive Wood Vinyl Wallpaper Waterproof Old Furniture Vinyl Stickers Wooden

Another wood wall sticker on our list is from CVANU. This time, it is a bit smaller and has smaller differences in its design compared to the other wood sticker on our list.

This one feels better on the walls thanks to its minimal and better visual shape. This great wallpaper is self-adhesive so that you can easily use it wherever you wish. However, be careful that the price might be a little bit over than normal prices.

You can check the item on Amazon: here.

9. Wollzo Wall Sticker

Wollzo White and Blue Star Wallpaper Self Adhesive (45 x 500 cm Multicolour)

Another wall sticker from Wollzo is more minimalist and two colored stickers with some stars on it. This sticker goes great with minimalistic room designs and gives out a fresh look.

There are three different sizes to it, and most of it is very big. Again, the self-adhesive feature allows you to use this sticker easily.

You can check the item on Amazon: here.

10. Univocean Wall Sticker

Univocean Vinyl Self Adhesive, Peel And Stick 3D Modern Stone Wallpaper, 200 x 45 cm

The list wall sticker on our list has a rather different and exotic design. This amazing sticker can be used for your balcony, garden, and other outdoor purposes.

Univocean Wallpaper Sticker gives out a very stylish and organic look thanks to the small greeny designs between the stones. However, its price is not very cheap and this can not be used for indoor purposes (actually, it can, but it is not suitable for internal design).

You can check the item on Amazon: here.


As you can see, there are many different wall stickers, expensive, cheap, colored, designed, and so on.

This allows you to choose whatever you want according to your need. But when buying a wallpaper sticker, you have to be careful whether it is a quality one or not because it might get damaged in the short-run and you might have to buy it again.

The stickers we have mentioned in this article are top-notch quality ones, so you can be sure that they’ll be a good addition to your home.

Best wall stickers in India FAQs
What is the price of wall sticker?

The price of the wall sticker vary based on the material. Usually it costs from 400 rs to 2,000 rs.

What are wall stickers called?

Wall stickers are called wall vinyls or wallpaper stickers.

Can Wall stickers be removed easily?

It would be tough to remove wall sticker if they have strong adhesive in the back.

How long do wall stickers last?

Wall stickers often last up to 2 years.

What is the difference between wall decals and stickers?

Wall decals are used to paint or paste the entire walls of home. Stickers are used for small bottles ans boxes.

Which wall sticker is best in India?

Decals Design wall stickers are the best in India. They are affordable and great looking designs.

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