10 Best VR Headset for Mobile in India


Ever wondered how it would be great to have a vr headset for mobile to experience everything so close. There are so many cheap and budget vr headsets available in India to give you the best vr experience in a budget price.

This ultimate list of best budget 10 best vr headsets for mobile in India will enable you to make the right choice and get that vr experience you always wanted.

Children would love a vr headset and you can gift some of these vr headsets for them to make them happy. No matter what you are looking for in the market and what budget you have to buy with there is a great vr headset for you in this list.

These are the 10 Best vr headsets for mobile phone:

We have reviewed more than 25 vr headsets and listed these 10 best vr headsets for mobile in India with their key features and specs. You can use our recommendations when buying a new vr headset.

VR Headsets for Mobile Deals (Updated):

Infinizy MOTOTIVE HD Lenses Virtual Reality Headsets 3D Glasses for all smart phones in India Check it
Pebble Matrix 3D VR Headset with 43mm Military Lens for all android phones in India See it

1. DOMO VR Headset for Android Mobile Phones

Best Ultra Cheap vr 3d headset for smartphones

DOMO nHance VRF1 VR Headset for Android Mobile Phones & Universal Virtual Reality 3D and Video for Smart Phones Upto 6.5" inch Screen

Product Dimensions: 12.6 x 2.4 x 6.3 cm | Weight: 36 g | Compatible Devices: Android, iOS, Windows smart phones with Gyroscope (For Head Tracking) | FOV: 94° | Interpupillary Distance: 65 mm

DOMO nHance VRF1 VR Headset is compatible with Android Smart Phones. It comes in Blue or Black color. It features the ultra cheap vr headset in Indian market with its unique universal Virtual Reality 3D and Video option.

This low cost vr headset can be used for all smart Phones Up to 6.5″ inch Screen. The design of the DOMO nHance VRF1 is inspired by DIY Google Cardboard.

This can be used with all human interface device [HID] such as keyboards and mouse with Bluetooth. You can use it with game controllers or via USB. The new DOMO cheap headset has 25MM Aspherical Optical lens giving better clarity to vr videos in YouTube. The lightweight design makes it easier to carry in your pocket and play vr games on demand.

It support Redmi note 4, Oppo A5s, Asus Zen phone max pro m1 and Samsung M31s easily. The one plus 7t would be slightly bigger for this headset. You can download Google Expedition app to start with.

2. Simulation Centre VR Viewer Box for Phones

Cheapest VR headset for mobile

Manufacturer: Simulation Centre | Model: Model-1 | Package Dimensions: 10 x 8 x 8 cm | Weight: 50 Grams | Standing screen display size: 5.8 Inches | Batteries Required: No | Form Factor: Palm Held

Simulation Centre Google Cardboard Virtual Reality Headset 3D Glasses VR Viewer Box is one of the cheapest Vr headset anyone can buy. You can have an awesome vr experience at the lowest cost.

We bought this vr headset and has been using it more than a year. We know nitty gritty details about it and that is why we are writing this review. We always buy product, use it and then write the review.

It works on Google cardboard principle and is compatible with all mobile phones including Android, iOS and windows. You just need to open the outer part of the box, stick your mobile display in facing the lens and start watching vr videos in YouTube.

A great vr experience for children

Stimulation Centre provides links to the VR games and vr videos in YouTube which you can enjoy. It provides a great vr experience for children and to yourself.

Screen size compatibility might be an issue as it only support maximum 5.6 inches of screen size phones. So if you are using larger mobile phones like Samsung A8, it might not fit.

Features of Simulation Centre VR Viewer Box
  • Dimensions are 12 x 8 x 9 cm
  • Works with most smartphones with screen size up to 5.8 inches.
  • It has Biconvex lens with 25 mm diameter.
  • The Biconvex lens has 45 mm focal length
  • Light weight – Weight is 50 gram only as it is made of cardboard.
  • Works in Operating system Android 4.1 & above.
  • Works in iOS and Windows OS phones

3. NGConnext VR-35 3D

Best Low Price vr headset for 5.9 inch phones

See More Images

Material: ABS material piano paint technology | Model: VR-35 | Product Dimensions: 19.5 x 13 x 9.5 cm | Weight: 480 Grams | Lens: Japan imported aspherical lens.

NGConnext is a top vr headset manufacturers. Their new vr headset version VR-35 comes with great vr viewing experience. The new vr-35 headset has 3D Virtual Reality Glasses which gives better viewing quality.

This Headset comes with with HD Optical Resin Lenses which provides greater video quality. NGCONNEXT vr headset is compatible with for Android and iOS Smartphones. This vr headset comes in stylish Black color.

Specifications of this Best ergonomic Vr Headset

Pupil distance adjustment of the vr headset is up to 58-70MM. It has adjustable wearing according to personal wearing size regulation. The thermal design of this headset is more standard with vents designed to decrease heat generated by mobile phones to protect lenses.

Absorption front cover with disassembly panel function enable you to easily fit and take out mobile phones from the headset.Object distance adjustment design enables this headset to adapt to below 600 degrees of people with Myopia.


Silver metallic color highlight the border of this headset. This vr headset comes with a magnetic lock which allow the user to open and close it easily and provides long lasting life to protect mobile security. It is compatible with iphone 6 and lenovo p2.

These ergonomic goggles has high grade memory foam, high quality leather and best viewing angles. The focus adjustment feature using adjusting knobs of the optical lens reduce glare and provide you with clear vision.

3D Watching in NGconnext VR headset

You need to find a 3D source to view 3D images, 3D SBS movies and 3D videos. This headset does not automatically convert images or videos to 3D. You can download “VR Games” to play vr games on your mobile. You can also watch “3D Split Screen” Videos to enjoy vr videos in mobile.

4. Irusu PlayVR Premium VR Headset

Best vr headset for mobile 6.5 inch

Premium quality Irusu PlayVR Premium 2020 VR Headset Box Without Remote Controller for Smartphones for Experiencing Virtual Reality for mobile phones India.

Product Dimensions: 19.8 x 13.5 x 9.9 cm | Weight: 320 Grams | VR Model number: IR_002 | Special features: Wider FOV, Advanced in built touch button | Lenses: HD 42MM lenses

Do you want a vr headset for mobile phone which is comfortable to wear while watching movies or playing games. Premium quality Irusu PlayVR headset would be an ideal choice for you.

Your mobile need a Gyroscope and an accelerometer sensor to work with Irusu vr headset. All mobiles up to 6.5 inches, 165mmx75mmx12mm are compatible with this headset.

Irusu headset works on wireless and provides all how to guides on using this new vr headset for iPhones, android mobiles and windows mobiles. You can also visit Irusu blog to know more about vr.

Top Features of Irusu Headset for mobile with 6.5 inch screen

NEW CURVED DESIGN: Irusu vr headset for Mobile India has a new curved design making it more appealing to users. This ergonomic headset has a face foam protector and a head strap to fit this in your head. You can insert your earphones and charging pin while watching videos which is much better than cardboard box type vr headsets.

Premium mesh cloth: The premium mesh coth gives it a stylish look and has a unique front panel to support augmented reality experience.

FULLY ADJUSTABLE LENSES: The upgraded Irusu headset gives 62-74 MM pupil distance and object focus distance up to 34-44 MM for individual lenses.

Bluetooth Remote Controller: The package comes with a Bluetooth remote controller with 3 modes: Mouse, media playing and gaming.

Q. Can a 6.5-inch mobile phone fit in Irusu Play VR Premium?

Yes, Irusu premium vr headset supports mobiles phones up to 6.5 inch screen size.

Q. What are HD Resin lenses?

Usually lenses are made of glass or plastic. In Irusu, the lenses are made of resin. It has higher long life, anti-blue ray protection to protect your eye and higher transmittance rate.

5. Procus ONE VR headset for Android and IOs phones

Premium vr headset for mobile India

Model: PR01 | Package Dimensions: 22.8 x 16.2 x 11.8 cm | Weight: 290 Grams |Compatible Devices: Android / iOS / Windows phones – with gyroscope function | Special Features: 40mm lenses, IPD Adjustment, Free 3D VR Game.

Procus vr headset is one of the best budget vr headset for mobile in India with premium quality. Procus headset offers the biggest lens in the vr market with 40MM lenses. It even surpass 100 degrees.

Procus headset offers all range of features like HD optical lenses to provide an immersive vr experience. It has built-in IPD [Interpupillary distance] adjustment feature to set correct distance between object and the pupil.

It is easy to use and comfortable headset to wear. You can use it with a smart phone models up to 4.7 – 6 inch screens with gyroscopic feature. They provide Free VR Game called as “ISOLATED” to play in your iphone 6s plus, iPhone 7plus, Lenovo K4 Note and more.

6. Mi VR play 2

Best virtual reality headset for android mobile

Brand: MI | Manufacturer: Xiaomi | Package Dimensions: 22.2 x 17.8 x 13.5 cm| Weight; 400 Grams | Standing screen display size: 5.7 cm

This Mi virtual reality headset for android mobile is made for VR Enthusiasts for running VR applications. It comes with amazing VR glasses. This second generation VR device is renewed item but is great to have in this price range to watch VR videos.

It supports all phones with gyroscope sensor including mi note 8 pro android mobile phones. You can go to YouTube and search for vr videos or 360 degree videos to get the immersive vr experience.

Even though this Mi vr headset is renewed one the seller offers 6 month warranty with support. I would highly recommend this one for a gift to your loved ones.

7. Procus PRO (White) VR Headset

Best mobile vr headset for iphone

Model: PR02 | Product Dimensions: 21.01 x 18.49 x 11.2 cm | Weight: 415 Grams

Procus PRO VR Headset comes in elegant White color. It provides a 100-120 Degree FOV. This will give a high quality immersive experience for the vr user.

This new generation vr device is upgraded from the vr headset model PR01 which I mentioned above. This has inbuilt headphones so you will get a wholesome experience while playing vr games online.

This headset not only has inbuilt headphones to give you a great audio quality but it also has in-built touch button for you to control the device.

Features of Procus PR02 mobile vr headset for iphone

It boast fine quality Japanese Imported PMMA lenses which give you a 100-120 Degree FOV and reduces eye fatigue. This is appropriate for people within 0 – 800 degrees myopia, and for people with 0 – 400 degree hyperopia.

You can use the external volume controller to control volume while watching YouTube vr videos. You can open the front panel and insert your android or iOS phones.

The headband will help you to set this vr headset on top of your head for longer period of time comfortably.

8. Oculus Go Standalone Virtual Reality Headset – 32GB

Best Quality vr headset for your Phone

oculus go vr headset for mobile

Product Dimensions : 21.08 x 21.08 x 12.19 cm | Colour: WHITE | Weight: 1.23 Kilograms | Display Size: 7

Oculus Go is a Standalone VR headset whcih can be used without any additional devices. All the above vr headsets requires a mobile phone to be inserted in the front panel and the viewer will be watching the mobile screen through the optical lens. In this standalone VR viewer will be watching the screen of the vr headset since no mobile is inserted.

You need download the Oculus Companion app from Google Play store or App store for iPhone and install in your smart phone. Then Connect your Oculus go with the app and you can start enjoying vr videos, vr games and vr 360 degree videos.

What Version should I buy – 32 GB or 64 GB

Oculus Go comes with 32 Gb and 64GB versions. If you are a movie addict, better to buy a 64GB version to store more vr movies. You can watch 3D movies in this but the resolution is uncomfortable. VR games are an excellent to play in Oculus.

Some complain about having headache after using it for long. You can always buy and test the product. If the headset is giving headache, you can always return it.

9. Samsung Gear VR

Best virtual reality headset for samsung smartphone

Product Dimensions: 23.11 x 10.41 x 19.05 cm | Weight: 318.08 Grams | Device interface – Touch Pad

Samsung Gear VR headset [SM-R322NZWA] comes in bright White color. This Samsung vr headset is used with Samsung smart phones such as Samsung S7, Samsung S7 Edge, Samsung Note 5, Samsung S6, Samsung S6 Edge and Samsung S6 Edge+.

This vr headset is designed to work with Samsung selected mobiles but it does not work with Samsung J7 prime, Samsung Galaxy A8+. It does not support C port as well.

10. Ocular Grand Adjustable VR Headset

Best Affordable vr headset for mobile games

vr headset mobile games ocular grand
vr headset mobile games ocular grand

Product Dimensions: 21.5 x 19 x 11.5 cm | Weight: 435 Grams | Material ABS Plastic

Ocular Grand Virtual Reality headset has ultra adjustable and pioneer design. The vr headset comes with at par Glasses and heat dissipation design with ventilation windows for extended vr experience.

It is exclusively designed with Inbuilt Headphones which delivers 3D surround sound and augments your 360 degree vr experience. It has inbuilt volume controller which help to control volume of your smartphone and allows to answer the phone calls while using the headset.

Inbuilt capacitive touch button allows you to control VR apps while your smartphone sits inside the vr headset. Lets not get confused with Oculus Go and Ocular Grand. They are both different companies and are different products.

Smart VR Headset for Mobile Buying Guide

Here are our 10 best cheap vr headsets for mobile in India.

Best VR Headset for Mobile OnlineConnectivityAverage Review
DOMO VR HeadsetAndroid, iOS, Windows4/5
Simulation CentreAndroid, iOS, Windows4.5/5
NGConnext VR-35 3DAndroid, iOS, Windows3.8/5
Irusu PlayVRAndroid, iOS, Windows3.8/5
Procus ONEAndroid, iOS, Windows4.5/5
Mi VR play 2Android, iOS, Windows4.5/5
Procus PRO (White)Android, iOS, Windows4/5
Oculus GoAndroid, iOS, Windows, PC4.8/5
Samsung Gear VRAndroid Samsung phones4/5
Ocular GrandAndroid, iOS, Windows3.5/5

This ultimate buying guide will guide you to all the specs and details you should be looking at while buying a new vr headset for your smart phone.

IPD Feature

Interpupillary distance (IPD) is the distance between the centers of the pupils of the eyes. The unilateral Inter pupillary Distance or IPD adjustment feature helps in matching your face type and making video frame more clear along with sharper HD vision. Only some of the vr headsets comes with IPD adjustment feature.

Focal Length Adjustment

The focal length is the distance from the center of the lens to the focal points of the lens. Focal Length Adjustment and Object Distance Adjustment features in vr headsets allow you to improve the focus as per your requirement.

Field of view FOV 90 to 100 Degrees

Field of view (FOV) is the area that can be observed by a person through eyes or via an optical device. A larger field of view gives the person much better immersive vr experience.

Lens Quality

VR headsets comes with optical lenses made with glass, resin, Polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) or plastic. Most of the lenses comes in 34-44MM and a minimum should be 42MM.

Remote Controllers

Some of the vr headsets comes with remote controllers which can be used to remotely control the device, increase, decrease volume and use it for gaming purpose.

Adjustable Wearing

Vr headsets in the market usually made with adjustable head straps to fit in the head of the wearer. If there is adjustable head strap feature, the vr headset might be too loose or too tight for you.

Build Quality

Build quality of the vr headset is very important. Some are made with cheap plastic and some with ABS. Abs material is much tougher than plastic.

In Built Headphones, Touch Button and Volume Control

Some vr headsets like Ocular Grand or Procus Pro comes with in-built headphones and volume control options which are great additional features for a vr headset for smart phones.

Inbuilt capacitive touch button allows you to control VR apps while your smartphone sits inside the vr headset.

VR Headset for Mobile Prices in India

There are many vr headsets for mobile in India with varying prices. The cheapest one start from 169 rs to 3000 rs. The price of the vr headset depends on the quality of the material, type of lens used and other inbuilt features.


Finally here is our conlusion of the best vr headsets for mobile in India.

DOMO VR headset and Simulation centre VR viewer are the cheapest vr headsets for smartphones which gives you a good glimpse of vr experience.

Mi VR play 2 and Procus Pro would be the budget vr headsets for mobile phones with additional features and gives you a quality vr immersion. If you want to go above the price band, you can always go for Oculus Go standalone VR headset to experience true vr experience for a smart phone.

Best VR Headset for Mobile FAQs

In this section I will answer most asked questions about vr headsets.

What is VR headset for mobile?

A Vr headset is a smart device used to view vr videos, images and play games. Most Android smartphones and iPhones can be inserted into Vr headsets. This allows the user to have an experience of virtual reality.

Can I use my phone as a VR headset?

If your phone has gyroscope feature, you can use your phone as a vr headset with the help of a vr headset. VR headsets are cheaper and easily bought online and retail.

What is the best mobile VR headset for Android?

It is hard to answer that question as it depends on the budget and the features you are looking for. DOMO VR headset, Simulation centre VR viewer Mi VR play 2 and Procus Pro are best mobile vr headsets for Android smart phones.

Read More: VR Headset with Controller for Android – 10 Best

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