10 Best Smart Light Bulbs in India


You are in the right place to get to know about the best smart light bulbs in India to fit all lighting needs of your home’s lighting setup. This includes some of our favorite choices of wifi controlled led light best smart bulbs from Amazon.

Smart LED bulbs are an affordable way to make your regular home to a smart home. Inexpensive smart LED light in India are available in market now. You can always buy best light bulbs from Amazon in great discounts.

Different types of smart bulbs are availble in Indian market from 9 watt smart LED lights to 12 watt smart bulbs. You can buy one from a price average of 500-1200 Rs. Here are the top 10 smart lights you can buy in India for your home lighting setup.

Top 10 Best Smart Light Bulbs in India

10 Best Budget Smart Lights in India For Home
10 Best Budget Smart Lights For Home in India

The concept of smart homes was started with the innovation of wi fi enabled devices especially wifi enabled smart led light bub for smart home. With the introduction of voice controlled devices such as Amazon Echo dot, there has been a rampant buying for smart bulbs.

Can we live without wi fi. We wake up to check mobile phones by connecting to wifi for updates. We go to cafes and shops which have wi fi and sometimes we even skip churches because they don’t have wifi.

“If plants had wi fi, we’d be planting them everywhere! Too bad they only make the oxygen we need to live.”

The new wi fi craziness is leading us to the concept of smart homes. Smart home or smart house is the new big change happening around us. 

Voice control feature made wifi smart bulb an interesting and unavoidable smart device in every smart home. In India, many homes especially in metro cities are converting to smart homes by adapting to this new modern technology. We will be looking at the 10 best budget wi fi enabled smart lights, their pros and cons and how you can afford one.

1. Wipro 9 W Smart LED Bulb

Best Cheapest Smart LED Light Bulb

wipor Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb
Wipro Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb

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Wattage: 9 watts | Colors: 16 Million Colors (RGB) | Warranty: 2 Years | Height: 12.5cm | Length: 6.3 cm | Width: 6.3 cm | Weight: 105 Grams | Material: Polycarbonate

If you want to stay under a 700 rs budget, then Wipro Smart led light bulb would be the ideal choice for your home. You can control wi fi led light bulb of your home from anywhere using the Wipro Next Smart App.

You can tune up to 16 Million Colors (RGB) colors in this new wi fi enabled smart bulb. The good part of this wipro Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb B22 9-Watt is that you can control it using your voice.

You may need to have an Alexa or Google Assistant to do so. It has good color temperature. You can say change colors to white and the wi fi led bulb will turn to cool white. How awesome is that!

You can change the lighting as per your mood and themes on this Smart Control Sensor LED bulb. If you want to read a book, tune the light to reading mode and enjoy the book.

This best budget bulb by Wipro can help you to create your own scene and schedule light if you in home or away. It is a trusted wi fi enabled bulb in Amazon, imported and packed by Wipro Enterprises Private Ltd, Bangaluru-560 035. 

Does it work with Amazon echo dot 3rd gen?

Yes, this wipro smart light works with echo dot. You can search “connect wipro smart bulb to amazon echo dot” in YouTube. All the Wipro best budget smart lights for home in India works with Amazon Echo dot.

Can I use to grow plants in home?

Yes, you can grow plants in home with this light. You can tune the colors according to the need.

Supported Devices: iOS Smart Phones, Android Smart Phones

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2. Halonix 12 W Smart LED Bulb

Best Affordable Wi-Fi Smart LED Light in India

Halonix Prime Prizm Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb
Halonix Prime Prizm Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb

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Wattage: 12 watts | Colors: 16 Million Colors (RGB) | Warranty: 2 Years | Height: 12cm | Length: 5 cm | Width: 5 cm | Weight: 200 Grams | Material: Polycarbonate

You don’t have to spend a ton of money to buy a wi fi enabled smart polychromatic led light. Now you can easily purchase the cheapest Halonix Prime Prizm Smart Wi-Fi LED Bulb for your home.

Halonix Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Bulb is made Halonix haridwar Plant, Uttarakhand, India. This led light works just the same like any other wi fi bulbs in the market with sound control and function with Amazon Echo and Google Assistant. The good part is that you can group multiple led lights together to create a nice theme set for your home.

It is a small LED bulb than the Wipro Smart bulb however gives almost the same light. You can use this for lighting your home from your smartphone or tablet.

How to control Halonic wi fi enabled light?

You need to download Halonix Wi-Fi app from play store or apple store. Then got to location settings on your mobile phone and enable location on. The app will automatically set your location. Then complete registration process.

Then you need  add the device by connecting to wi fi and set up its default mode. You can share the admin access to other family members and decide who can control in the app.

How to claim warranty of these wi fi Smart Lights for Home?

You need to go to Amazon Customer care and ask them to get in touch with seller to avail warranty. You will also get a warranty card in the led light cardboard box.

Supported Devices: iOS Phones, Android Phones

Ideal for: Living room, Bed Room

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3. Mi 10 Smart Bulb

Best Long lasting budget best smart light in India for home


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Wattage: 10 watts | Colors: 16 Million Colors (RGB) | Warranty: 2 Years | Height: 12cm | Width: 5.5 cm | Length: 5.5 cm | Weight: 173 Grams | Average Battery Life (in hours) 25000 Hours

Many Indians spend tons of money to buy smart LED bulbs via online. I know some who bought imported WiFi enabled led lights from Italy, US and UK. Ultimately, it all comes down to how much you want to be spend to enjoy a great wifi controlled smart lights for home in India.

This Mi LED WiFi light promise long lasting life on Amazon. This led light is the latest and greatest from Mi. It has a great design and is one of the eye-catching model built by Mi.

No matter which type of Wi-Fi integrated led light, you want to choose or buy one thing you’ll definitely want is good quality. This Led light is a good investment for your home and offers 11 years long life.

How to Pair Mi wifi enabled light with WiFi of your home?

Download “Mi Home” app from Google Play store or app store. You need to enable all permissions including ‘location’ when asked. The login to Mi home app. You will have to keep your wifi enabled and connected to the router. This bulb only supports 2.4gHZ networks. So you should ensure that your router supports 2.4hGZ channels.

If not, there is no need to buy this Mi wifi light. Select an available 2.4GHZ wifi network and enter your wifi password to connect the wifi. Once connected you need to tap NEXT to connect the WiFi light. For IOS users, do connect with wifi using above methods, then go to wi-fi settings. Select ‘yeelink_xxx_xxx’ and return to Mi home app to initiate pairing the light bulb.

How to use Mi Home App with Mobiles Phones

Open the Mi Home app and Tap the “+” icon in the top right corner to open the Add Device page. In Android phones, you can go to the Devices nearby tab to scan for nearby Mi lights automatically or choose Add Manually tab to select Lighting Category and Tab the bulb icon. For iPhone users, select Lighting category and find the bulb icon and follow instructions.

Once connection with wifi of your home and Mi WiFi light is successful, you can select the room in which the device is located. Then you can easily modify the device’s name, colors and create themes. Tap ‘Lets get started’ to proceed and your device is ready for using.

Can I use this Mi led light bulb to set for different lighting needs?
Mi wifi light to set tone for every mood

You can. From candle light to Fluorescent lamp, Mi light can be set to every mood. You can use your android phone as remote controller to change lighting moods.

Supported Devices: iOS Smart Phones, Android smart mobile phones

Compatible with Alexa & Google Assistant

Check the price in Amazon

4. Philips Smart Bulb

Best Budget-friendly wifi Enabled Smart Bulb for Home

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Wattage: 10 watts | Colors: 16 Million Colors (RGB) | Warranty: 2 Years | Height: 10 inch | Length: 12 inch | Width: 5 inch | Weight: 143 Grams | Material: Polycarbonate

Upgrading your home with a budget smart LED bulb is a wise choice. Philips Hue Smart Light Starter Kit would be an ideal choice for your home if you want the perfect light to cover all lighting needs.

What is the Biggest Advantage of Philips Hue Smart Light

The biggest advantage of this starter pack is that it contains 3 Hue Gen 2.0 White Ambiance, Colour Ambiance 10w E27 LED bulbs and 1 Hue Gen 2.0 Bridge. You can choose from pre-set light settings on the Philips Hue App to create awesome lighting in your home.

There are other benefits to this starter lights kit with hue bridge and Smart Lights for Home. You can connect up to 50 smart lights under this hue bridge. Not just smart bulbs, you can connect Hue bulbs, Hue Light strips, Hue Go, Hue Bloom, and all other Hue luminaries using this hue bridge making it a long term investment for your smart home.

Can I connect this Wifi Bulb with Echo dot, Echo tap using Hue Bridge Gen 1?

You need to have Hue Gen 2 bridge to connect your all Hue luminaries with Echo Dot, Echo, and Echo Tap devices. Hue Gen 1 bridge is not compatible for connecting with such smart devices. You can connect Echo Plus directly with all smart devices with Hue Bridge Gen 1.

Can I set set light schedules using Siri?

You can set light schedules for easy home automation and control smart lights with Siri voice control. It works with HomeKit for Apple iPhone integration (iOS 9 users only).

Supported Devices: Apple iphones, Android phones

Works with Google Assistant and Alexa

Check the price in Amazon

5. Syska 12W LED smart color bulb

Best Smart Home LED Light Bulb and Echo Dot

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Controls smart home devices, control smart lights and electronics devices from most brands, book uber cab, order food in zomato, order things from Amazon

If you are looking to buy Smart Home LED Light Bulb and Echo dot and a wifi smart light bulb to your home, then I want to invite your attention to this nice bundle pack. This can help you to stay on budget and get the best of both.

You’ll find this Syska 12W LED smart color bulb and Amazon Echo dot as a nice addition to your home. Amazon Echo Dot will give you on demand music, news, trivias, scores, weather, alarms , kids rhymes and stories with great voice control. Syska 12W smart color bulb can light your home and change colors using wifi only. It does need any other additonal hubs or setups needed.

You’re looking at a sleek combination of voice control smart device Amazon Echo dot and a perfect wifi smart 12W LED light bulb from Syska that transcends any other existing combo smart devices in the smart home market. This is the best combo of Amazon Echo dot and Smart Lights for Home.

Can it turn led light bulb on and change colors automatically?

You need to connect it Amazon Echo dot to activate voice control to change colors and on smart light. Amazon echo is easily used as a remote controller to change lights.

Can I use Amazon Echo dot to control smart lights from other brands than Syska?

You can control any type of smart light from most of the brands other than Syska using Amazon Echo dot including Philips, Xiaomi, Yeelight. You can use Amazon Echo dot with all the best budget smart lights in India for home in this list.

Supported Devices: iphones, Android

Ideal for: Living room, Bed Room

Check the price in Amazon

6. Syska Smart 12 Watt LED Smart Light Bulb

Best Smart Lights in India for Home

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Wattage: 12 watts | Colors: 16 Million Colors (RGB) | Warranty: 2 Years | Height: 43 cm | Length: 10 cm | Width: 10 cm | Weight: 120 Grams | Material: Polycarbonate

There are still plenty of great smart lights in the market but Syska would be the budget smart LED bulbs. If you just want to buy a smart bulb without the echo dot as I mentioned earlier, you can buy this one.

Syska 12 watt smart light looks to be far more robust than other competitor in Amazon. You can Lightup your home remotely using Syska Smart Home App. It has a Luminous Flux of 1050 Lumen and a Colour Temperature of 6500 Kelvin making it in the list of best wifi enabled led lights in India.

This is a combination of smartness and home decor in such a budget price point. You can connect SYSKA Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED Bulb 12-Watt with any of your home assistant devices through voice-activation.

Can this Syska led light bulb be operated with a single phone?

You can download the Syska app from playstore and install it any mobile phones and use it. An smart phones can be used as a remote controller.

Whats the standby wattage consumption?

The standby wattage consumption of tis Syska light is 9 watts.

Supported Devices: iOS, Android

Check the price in Amazon

7. Philips Hue 10W Smart Lights Kit

Best Upgraded Smart Light for home

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Wattage: 10 watts | Colors: 16 Million Colors (RGB) | Warranty: 2 Years | Height: 10 cm | Length: 5 cm | Width: 5 cm | Weight: 50 Grams | Material: Polycarbonate

Where to Get the best budget smart lights kit for home in India? Well, then the answer would be Philips Hue 10W B22 Smart Bulb. This amazing light is great to create a smart lighting system for home.

Philips Hue lights kit is reasonably priced and can be controlled with your phone or voice. This can be installed just like any other ordinary bulbs. The hue bridge can help you to control smart-bulb-equipped lights via the Philips hue app and through voice control with Amazon Echo, Tap, Echo Dot, Apple HomeKit, Google Home, IFTTT, Nest, and Logitech Harmony.

You can play with colours with this extra ordinary piece of new and upgraded smart light. Philips smart light comes with Away-from-Home Control, Light Scheduling and Wake-up Features. This is one of the budget smart LED bulbs in India and a great choice for a smart home.

Does this Philips Hue 10W B22 led light bulb need a bridge to work??

Yes, this Philips Hue 10W B22 Smart Bulb needs hue bridge Gen 1 or hue bridge Gen 2 to work.

Is this product works on Bluetooth and change colors with music?

This does not work with bluetooth. You need to use a hue bridge and connect with WiFi. Hue bridge sync music in change device colours.

Supported Devices: Smartphones

Compatible with Amazon Alexa & Google Assistant

Ideal for: Living room, Bed Room

Check the price in Amazon

8. TP-Link Smart Light Bulb

Best Budget-Friendly Smart LED Bulb

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Wattage: 12 watts | Colors: White Tuning | Warranty: 2 Years | Height: 6.5 cm | Length: 6.5 cm | Width: 13.4 cm | Weight: 170 Grams | Material: Polycarbonate

If you are looking for an affordable Wi-Fi connection light that is Compatible with Android, iOS, Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant, then TP-Link wifi smart LED bulb would be the ideal option.

This new LB120 light has an added benefit which can save whole lot of energy expenditure of your home. It can be used to track the day-to-day use of your home lighting and historical energy use of home lighting.

All TP-Link best budget smart lights for all smart lighting needs of your home are made in China and imported by TP-LINK India Private Limited,Green Industrial Park, Dongri Pada, Poman, Kaman-Bhiwandi Road, Vasai East, Palghar, Maharashtra.

How to Connect TP-Link smart bulb with home wifi?

You need to download the free Kasa app from Google Playstore or Appstore to connect this LED bulb to your home via wifi. You can connect all TP-Link smart devices using this app.

Can it light up an entire room of my home?

Yes. This TP-link smart light can light up the whole room of your home for about 200sft size. It has adjustable brightness and tunable cool white temperature set up which you can use to suit your moods.

Supported Devices: iOS, Android

Compatible for All Devices

Check the price in Amazon

9. Helea 9W Smart Bulb

Best budget smart light in India for home

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Wattage: 9 watts | Colors: 16 Million Colors (RGB) | Warranty: 2 Years | Height: 14 cm | Length: 5 cm | Width: 5 cm | Weight: 150 Grams | Material: Polycarbonate + Aluminum

I am not sure how many of you have heard about Helea brand. They make so many innovative smart home devices. Helea is an Indian Smart Home brand that make BIS certified smart home lights.

Helea smart light comes with an Aluminum material combined with polycarbonate. This is the only light in market that has aluminum parts in it.

Helea colour changing mood lighting smart led bulb with 16 Million RGB colours are made for Indian standards with advanced heat sink to reduce hight temperature and damage to the light. It provides 810 lumen which is sufficient to light up your home.

You can download Helea Smart app, Google Assistant or Echo dot to control all your BIS certified bulbs from Helea wirelessly.

Does Helea light comes with E27 (screw type)?

No, It does not. You may need to buy an extra adaptor to fit Helea lights to your lamps.

Does Helea light dimmable?

Yes, You can dim the lights, increase and decrease brightness of bulb wirelessly without the need for a dimmer switch. You can use Google assistant voice controlled method to control led light bulb using wi fi.

Supported Devices: iOS, Android

Compatible with Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and The Google Assistant

Check the price in Amazon

10. Syska 9 watt smart led bulb

A great Budget Smart LED Bulbs for Home

View in Amazon

Wattage: 9 watts | Colors: 3 Million Colors (RGB) | Warranty: 2 Years | Height: 4 cm | Length: 14 cm | Width: 10 cm | Weight: 180 Grams | Material: Polycarbonate

Syska 9 watt best smart light in India offers the best features and utility at an affordable price range for Indian middle class. The product is tested and checked by smart home experts and found that it works best just like any other smart bulbs in India.

This Syska LED light comes with brightness adjustments, scene modes and dim setup. The product reviews of Amazon are for 7 watt bulb. So ensure you selected the 9 watt option from the list. Syska smart bulb is one of the best budget smart lights for home in India with a nicer color temperature.

Syska 9 watt light supports all mobile phones OS with Android 4.3 version and above and iphones and ipads with OS iOS 6 version and above.

How can i connect the Syska smart bulb with my home wifi?

You need to download Syska Smart app from playstore or appstore and install in your mobile phone or any smart device. You can enabe syska skill in the echo device to connect with Amazon echo products. The box has a manual or a guide with step by step instructions on how to connect the Syska light with various smart devices. You should ensure that the smart bulb, mobile, or echo device are in the same wifi network.

Can I connect this Syska Led bulb with Bluetooth?

Unfortunately, you cannot. This Syska smart bulb only works with wifi. You can use it mobile hotspot and use it on the same phone.

Supported Devices: iOS, Android

Compatible with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and The Google Assistant

Ideal for: Living room, Bed Room

Check the price in Amazon

Top 10 Best Budget Smart Lights for Home India

Best Smart BulbsConnectivityAverage Review
Wipro wifi enabled Smart LED Light BulbWi-Fi (2.4 GHz)4/5
Halonix Prime Prizm Smart Wi-Fi LED BulbWi-Fi (2.4 GHz)4.5/5
Mi LED Wifi Integrated Smart LightWi-Fi (2.4 GHz)3.5/5
Philips Hue Smart Light Starter KitWi-Fi (2.4 GHz)4/5
Echo Dot (Black) bundle with Syska 12W LED smart color bulbWi-Fi (2.4 GHz)4.5/5
Syska 12-Watt B-22 Wi-Fi Enabled Smart LED BulbWi-Fi (2.4 GHz)4.5/5
Philips Hue 10W B22 Smart BulbWi-Fi (2.4 GHz)4/5
TP-Link Wi-Fi SmartLight 10WWi-Fi (2.4 GHz)4/5
Helea 9W Wi-Fi Smart BulbWi-Fi (2.4 GHz)4/5
Syska 9w smart led lightWi-Fi (2.4 GHz)4.5/5


Buyer’s Guide for Budget Smart LED Bulbs for Smart Home

In this section, we will cover Frequently Asked Questions about wifi smart lights, the benefits of using a wifi light, voice controlled led lights, how does a wifi light work and how could one decide the best budget wifi smart light for a smart home.

What are Wifi Enabled Smart Light Bulbs?

Wifi Enabled Led Light is a personal wireless lighting system that lets you control lights of your home or office from your smart device. The new energy-efficient Wifi smart LED lights can light your home, office, rooms with more than 16 million color shades. You can control the wifi smart lights with smart apps from anywhere the World using a smart phone, ipad, or iphone using wifi.

Type of lighting

You must look for specific features if you are going to buy a smart light. I would recommend to start looking at the below items.

Wattage of the Smart bulb

The watt is a unit of power. It is the operating power of the Smart Light Bulbs. If a smart light have more robust features, then it must need more power to work. So it’s better to have more power than not enough. Many wifi enabled smart lights in India comes with various watts from 7 watt to 12 watt. I would go for 12 watt bulb as it provides more features and brightness.

Luminous Flux of the Smart bulb

Luminous Flux is total amount of visible light of a smart light. Lumen is the unit of Luminous Flux. The higher the lumen, the brighter the smart light. Always pick smart lights with higher lumen.

Base Type

Majority of the smart bulbs in the market comes with two base types – B22 and E27. Indian model lamps has B22 bulb holders. So if you are going to buy a smart bulb with B22 base type, then you can fit in to a lamp easily. But if the smart bulb comes with a E27 base type, you may need to buy an additional E27 adaptor to fit it in a lamp.

Ease of Installation of the Smart bulb

Most of the smart lights in Indian market comes with specific apps to connect with. All of them uses 2.4gHz wifi network channel. However many users find it difficult to connect and sync it with their mobile devices.

Some bulbs only works with higher OS versions. So check if your mobile phone also has a compatible operating system. It would be best to choose the smart bulb with ease of installation and does not require too much complex operations.

Smart Control with smart lighting system for home

Smart bulbs are called smart because it can work with other smart devices and voice controlled devices. You should look for sart bulbs that can work with Amazon echo products, Google Assistant and Apple Home kit.

Color selection of Smart Light Bulbs

Almost all of the smart bulbs offers 16 million RGB colors. Still there are some wifi lights such as the Syska 9 watt light that only gives 3 million colors. I would suggest to buy smart lights with higher color variations. After all who does not want more colors!.

Benefits Of Using A wifi Smart light

There are many benefits in buying a smart wifi light. Let us look at each of them.

Operate Remotely

You can operate the smart lights remotely with connected wifi. All of the smart llights comes with smart apps which you can install in your mobile phone or any smart device. If you are away from your home, you can open these apps and control lighting of home at will.

Energy efficient

All of the smart lights are LED based. LEDs save energy than normal bulbs. You can schedule timing to on and off the light so even if you forget to turn them off, you do not have to worry about the energy bill. From cool white tunable to dimmable, you can set to energy saving mode too. Isn’t that great energy efficient.

Schedule Timing

Who needs a light that do adjust brightness solely based on our needs. It switches on when we need and switches off automatically. You can use smart light to do that using the schedule timing feature.

Adjust Lighting and Color Temperature

Smart lights comes with more than 16 million RGB shades and various color temperature which you can adjust as per your needs. You will never run out of colors to play with, that I can assure you. You can voice controlled devices such as Amazon Echo to operate them.

Voice Control

Are you tired of walking all the way to the wall when you lie down just to off the light switch. What if you can just say “Light Off” and the light gets off. Smart lights comes with voice control feature. You can connect to Echo dot, Google Assistant or Apple Siri to your LED bulb and say “Light off”.

Conclusion of BEST Smart Light Bulbs IN INDIA

From our analysis of the best budget smart LED bulbs in India for suiting the smart lighting needs of home, we have arrived at a conclusion of the best smart light bulbs ones for your home.

TP-Link smart light are comparatively better smart lights in the market however it does not have 16 million colors. It provides only dim and cool white tuning.

If I am buying a smart light, I need good amount of sparkling color temperature. Halonix Prime is another choice for Indian households but I would look for other options as well.

I would not go for Mi bulb as it is more pricier than other available smart bulbs. Philips Hue needs a hub to work. Many other smart lights do not require hubs or additional setup. If you are looking for convenience, I would not suggest Philips Hue. Syska 9 watt bulb is an best choice but it only provides 3 million colors. I would get for 16 million colors for the same price with other brands.

What about other smart lights in Amazon

Some other reviews suggest Amazon Brand – Solimo Alexa Enabled 9W Wi-Fi Smart Light with B22 Holder. Some Solimo products are good but this LED bulb is not one among them. Others say to buy SellnShip B22 Socket Smart LED Bulb and Clive Bluetooth Color Changing led Light Bulb.

I would not go near them. All of these color changing smart led light bulbs are made in China with less quality materials and I do not know why are they even recommended by others. zunpulse WiFi Enabled 10W bulb does not even have a single review in Amazon and it does not have a good design.

Final Winnners of Best smart led light bulb For Home in India

Wipro wifi enabled Smart LED, Syska 12 Watt smart light and Helea 9 watt wifi light and would the the ideal best budget smart LED bulbs for your home and best pocket friendly smart lights in India.

They both have affordable prices, has better brightness, no hubs needed, easy to setup up using apps and has all features needed for a smart bulb. You can use yoru smart phone as remote controller for operating them.

If you liked this review of the affordable best budget smart lights in India for home, kindly share to others who are looking for these. Your one share would help many to find the best smart light they are looking for.

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