Asan cup review: best menstrual cup to insert and remove

I am sure you will agree with me when I say that it’s hard to find a quality menstrual cup. Here is the Asan cup review: best menstrual cup to insert and remove.

Many buy menstrual cups by just looking at the brand and user reviews. They do not bother to go beyond the obvious and dig deeper. It turns out there are some features that one should carefully consider before purchasing a menstrual cup.

In this article, I will explain to you how to find the perfect menstrual cup and exactly how you can make the right decision. You can call it the “The Complete Blueprint of Buying a Menstrual Cup”.

Let us look at how the purchasing process changed over years. Which is your method of purchasing?

Most people go to Google or Amazon and do a search for a menstrual cup and check the brand with most user reviews and simply purchase it. This is not an ideal way of buying a cup.

Some go to other ecommerce sites and compare the prices and buy the cheapest one irrespective of its low quality. That is also not the right way to buy a cup.

If you are planning to shift from using Sanitary pads and tampoons, then the menstrual cup is a safe and eco-friendly option.

There are many popular menstrual cups in the Indian market.

Asan cup review: best menstrual cup to insert and remove

Asan Cup is a revolutionary new menstrual cup designed to provide a comfortable period. This is featured as the World’s Easiest Menstrual Cup for Beginners. Asan premium menstrual cup and cleanser is designed in Harvard Innovation Lab in the United States.

It took Asan team two years of product development and four rounds of user testing to perfect the Asan cup’s unique design, which is protected by registered design rights in the US, UK, Europe and India.

The Asan cup has been tested by hundreds of women in the US, Europe and India, from all different income backgrounds. They universally describe it as the world’s best period product.

In Kanakapura, Karnataka, where Asan has been running a pilot for 6 months, the cup has become known among women in the village as the “magical cup”.

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Key Features

In this asan cup review we will focus on the fundamental features of the cup. Asan cup is a high-quality product for menstrual hygiene which is recommended by Gynecologists’ due to its safety, hygiene, design and material. You can see this video of Dr. Premalatha is a UK-trained obstetrician and gynecologists’ explaining why Asan cups are better than any other cheap cups in the market.

Design of Asan Menstrual Cup

This cup can hold more blood than other methods. Unlike tampons, menstrual cups don’t dry the inner walls. This preserves the healthy bacteria that protect you from infections.

Removal Ring

Asan’s unique removal ring — an oval shaped loop made from super soft silicone makes it extremely easy to remove compared with other menstrual cups.

You can easily hold the ring with your finger, pinch the base of the cup and pull it out. You can watch the YouTube Video tutorial for more details.

Vacuum seal

Asancup creates the perfect vacuum seal inside. This will enable the cup to collect the blood without any excessive leakage. You can watch the video of how to use your Asan menstrual cup in 6 simple steps.

Bell Shape

Bell Shape is designed to perfectly. Asan team have consulted with many gynecologists and have done 2 years of research to design Asancup.

They have explained how to insert the cup in detail on their free user guide. You can also watch the full video tutorial for free in YouTube.

Usable for 12 hours at a stretch

Asancup makes you forget you are having period. 1000+ positive reviews from the users prove this to be the truth.

Keep your natural pH intact

Asan cup keeps your natural ph intact and avoid infections.

Easy to Clean While Travelling

Asan team made sure that Asan cup is hygienic and easy to clean as well. They have developed a “One Drop Cleanser” to clean Asancup very easily.


Why this review of Asan cup is so good is because we have researched thoroughly about the specifications. Asan cup is made from USP Class VI (medical grade) silicone and it is very gentle on skin. This is the same material used in medical devices such as breast implants and stents.

They chose silicone because it is toxin free and hypoallergenic. Asan cup is proven to provide rash-free, odor-free and itch-free protection all day long.

Leak Free Protection

Asan cup offers a 100% guaranteed leak free protection. Asan have designed the cup to have the perfect level of softness and firmness.

The Asan heavy flow cup is specifically designed not to leak for users who change pads/tampons every 2-6 hours.

It is made from slightly firmer silicone, which is designed to pop open easily and form a firm seal with the inner walls. You can watch this video of what users say about their experience with Asan cup.

Rash Free Protection

Asan Cup only collects the blood and does not absorb it. This makes it dampen free and rash free.


Available in 2 sizes: Light Flow and Heavy Flow.

Asan menstrual cup is way better than other silicone menstrual cups in terms of design, material and hygiene. This reusable menstrual cup can be used by women with heavy flow as well as for light flow.


The Asan cup is the best menstrual cup in India. Thanks to its design and perfect vacuum seal, you can run, swim, sleep, participate in sports, gardening, travelling and what not!.

Asan promise you that you will not experience any pain while inserting the Asan cup, no discomfort or leakage when using the cup and you will be able to remove it in 5 seconds.

Asan cup was reviewed by many teens and have users aged 12 and above who are very happy using the Asan cup. Asan cup is completely safe for anyone with a period, of any age. Watch two vibrant teens, Kaashvi and Meghana, about their experiences with the Asan cup.

Reusable Menstrual Cup

You do not need to worry about the disposal of sanitary pads anymore. Get an Asancup and say bye to pads. Asancup can be reused for up to 10 years. Asan cup is a 100% safe menstrual cup for teenagers and girls.

Money Saving

Many reviews of Asan cups says that it last for 10 years hence you do not need to spend money monthly for period supplies. By buying an Asan cup, you are only spending a fraction of the cost incurred to buy sanitary napkins and tampons and also helping the environment and contributing to end period poverty.

Asan cup is a leakage-free menstrual cup and that’s why it is voted as best menstrual cup brand for beginners in India.


Cost of Sanitary PadsCost of TamponsCost of Asan cup
One Year Cost40 rs * 12 month = 480 rs150 rs * 12 months = 1800rs1800 rs
10 Year Cost480 rs * 10 years = 4800 rs1800 rs * 10 years = 18,000 rs1800 rs
Cost Savings in 10 years

Free Cotton Pouch and User Guide

Every Asan cup comes with a cotton cloth storage pouch, as well as a one-of-a-kind illustrated user guide. Asan worked with doctors and gynaecologists to create a friendly and accessible user guide.

Free 24*7 Helpline

Asan is a user centric company. You can email them and send them a dm on instagram anytime to clear your doubts. They will be there to help out as much as they can even after you buy the cup.

Eco-friendly Menstrual Cup

Eco-friendly Menstrual Cup

If you are looking at an eco-friendly menstrual cup, then the Asan cup is the right choice. That’s exactly we wrote this amazing review of asan cup. Not only that, their donation model enables Asan to end period poverty by donating a menstrual cup to underprivileged women across India for each and every purchase. This is one of the reason why Asan is best menstrual cup brand in India.

By switching to Asan cups, you will eventually prevent roughly 11,000 disposable products from entering our oceans in your lifetime. Asan’s aim for the next 10 years is to reach at least 5 million women and to avert 500 million tonnes of landfill waste. A small initiative towards Mother Earth 🌏.


Ira Guha, founder of Asan cup was awarded the Warner Fellowship by Harvard’s Women and Public Policy Programme as well as First Place at the King’s College Entrepreneurship Competition, University of Cambridge.

Frequently Asked Questions

  1. Can I use a menstrual cup if I have vaginismus?
    Yes you can. Many Asan cup users who have had successful treatment for vaginismus, and now happily use Asan cup. Through a combination of exercises, mindfulness and therapy, vaginismus can be overcome. You can read more here in their resources on menstrual cups and vaginismus.
  1. I have a high cervix, which Asan cup should I buy for me?
    You can buy the light flow cup, if you have a very low cervix. If you have a high cervix, then either size of the Asan cup can work well for you. Check out more on menstrual cups and cervix height.

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