25 Best Hand Wash in India for Clean Hands


A good liquid hand wash can clean your hands and remove gems. Hand washing is a necessity in the covid pandemic for adults and kids. WHO states that clean hands can help you be healthy.

When to do hand wash

You should do handwash before eating food, after house cleaning, after coughing or sneezing and after working out in gym.

WHO advise to wash your hands regularly to avoid disease-causing bacteria. Everyone should educate others on the importance of handwashing. Schools and colleges should conduct handwashing awareness week.

There are many types of hand washes available in the market. Here are the best 25 hand washes in India for clean hands.

How to Use a Hand wash

CDC provides 5 steps on hand wash. Wet, Lather, Scrub, Rinse and Dry.

  • First wet your hands
  • Squeeze out 1-2 drops of the hand wash to your hands
  • Work up a rich lather
  • Reach between your fingers
  • Rub your palms, finger tips and thumbs.
  • Apply on the back of hands
  • Wash it under running water.

Ingredients of Hand Wash

Aqua, Sodium Laureth Sulfate, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Disodium Laureth Sulfosuccinate, PEG 400, Cocamide MEA, Sodium Lauroyl Sarcosinate, Sodium Chloride, Fragrance, DMDM Hydantoin, PEG-40 Hydrogenated Castor Oil, Lavendin Oil, Ylang Ylang Oil, Glycerin, Propylene Glycol, Tetrasodium EDTA, Benzophenone-4, BHT, Citric Acid, Hexyl Cinnamal, Limonene, Linalool, Geraniol, Citronellol, Citral and CI 60730.

25 Best Hand Wash in India

Let us explore the features and variants of each of these handwashes. Some of these handwash liquids are organic without any chemicals.

1. Dove Nourishing Liquid Hand Wash

Dove hand wash has skin-accommodating pH to recharge your skin’s normal oils. It contains one-fourth saturating cream to keep your hands delicate and smooth. Dove is one of the most reliable hand washes in India for clean hands.

The Dove Nourishing Liquid HandWash is known for its mellow and soothing effect. Dove handwash contains one-fourth of moisturizing cream. It is a dermatologically tested hand wash. The 200ml pack of Dove’s Hand washes costs Rs. 87.

It is likewise accessible in different variations and aromas, and you can pick according to your preference. It will provide delicate and smooth skin and hands. This Dove brand is well known for its skincare products.

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2. Dettol Original Liquid Hand Wash

The most popular brand in our list of best handwashes in India is Dettol. It is likewise the most primary and generally used handwashes. Dettol also produces best hand sanitizer wipes. hand wash has Trusted Germ Protection formula which shield you from infections causing germs.

Dettol handwash is accessible in different variants. Dettol handwash is preferred by dermatologists in India over regular handwash soaps. You can purchase according to your choice with different volumes of 185ml, 215ml, or 900ml top off containers.

The 200ml Dettol hand wash is available at Rs. 99. This handwash Protects from more than 100 sicknesses causing germs.

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3. Santoor Classic Gentle Hand Wash

There are many selling hand washes. But Santoor Classic Gentle HandWash has tulsi and Sandalwood which destroy germs and other bacteria. The main elements of Santoor hand wash are useful for your skin. Santoor handwash gives security from disease-causing germ and additionally keep your hands fragrant.

Santoor Handwash has a fabulous double advantage formula for clean hands. It not only destroys germs but smoothen hands and skin as well. Santoor is a mainstream brand for cleansers and handwashes.

You can purchase Santoor handwash on the web or from a store close to you. The 750ml top off the pocket of Santoor Fresh Gentle handwash costs Rs. 99.

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4. Lifebuoy Total 10 Activ Handwash

Here is one more item in our list of best hand washes in India. Lifebuoy is an easily recognized name with its top-selling items such as dishwashing liquids. It is a decent hand wash that can be purchased for an Indian family.

Indeed, it is extraordinary compared to other selling germ insurance cleansers around the world. Lifebuoy Total 10 Activ Handwash contains Activ Naturol Shield for cutting edge germ insurance.

It keeps your hands clean and battles against disease-causing germs. Lifebuoy handwash is exceptionally well known and effectively accessible at the closest store close to you.

It is additionally accessible online. The Royal Society approved this for Public Health, London as World’s No 1 selling germ-killing handwash.

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5. Natural Trail Crispy Handwash

This handwash needs to be on the list of Best hand washes in India is for individuals searching for a handwash. The Natural handwash is accessible on Amazon. This is a Natural Handwash without any Sulfates, Parabens, Triclosan, or any harmful synthetic substances.

Keep your hands clean and hydrated with the olive oil based handwash. The oil-based hand wash makes extravagant creamy foam which is hostile to microbial. If you need an entire oil-based handwash, this is made for you.

This handwash consists of essential oils, and you can buy it for Rs. 299 for the 200 ml pack. This handwash consists of a oil-based cleanser and natural ingredients like Olive Oil, Vitamin E & Glycerine.

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6. Pears Moisturizing Handwash

Pears sell the best disinfectant sprays and liquids in India. Pears Moisturizing Handwash has 98% glycerin. I have been using Pears soap and now Pears bath gel for taking bath. Recently i checked online to buy this Pears Pure and gentle handwash.

It is pretty nice to use. Hands do not feel dry after using it compared to other handwashes. I have avoided frequent hand washing because that made the hands dry. It has mild fragrance and clean hands very easily.

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7. Godrej Protekt Masterchef’s Handwash

Godrej Protekt produces household cleaning products like best toilet cleaners and sanitizers. Masterchef’s Handwash has 3 major ingredients – glycerin, coconut oils and essential oils. Glycerin moisturise skin and coconut gives a refreshed feeling. The package can be recycled and reused.

You can buy a refil pack and keep using it regularly. It has no smell or grease. The actual mrp printed on this product is 170 rs but you can get it for 92 rs from Amazon now.

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8. Palmolive Naturals Hand Wash

Palmolive Naturals Hand Wash comes with essence of black Orchid and milk. Why I chose this handwash to be included is because it has no toxic chemicals.

It is a soap free, Triclosan free, Alcohol free and paraben free hand wash. The Orchid flowers fragrance is mind blowing and addictive. You can use it as regular handwash in bathroom and living room.

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9. Santoor Mild Gentle Hand Wash

Santoor Mild Gentle Hand Wash has essence of Lotus and Tulsi. The pH balanced formula gives a nice smooth hands and maintain the softness of the skin.

Santoor Mild Gentle Hand Wash comes in three variants – Classic, Fresh and Creme. Many reviews suggest that this is good to clean hands regularly.

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10. Palmolive Lime & Mint Hand Wash

My friends has been using Palmolive Lime & Mint Liquid Hand Wash over an year. This is a very foamy soap and creates more lather than the rest of liquid hand washes. The product is little expensive than other such handwashes. You need to buy an additional dispenser to use this.

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11. Palmolive Raspberry Hand Wash

I have already shared Palmolive hand wash liquid with Mint and Lime. This is supposed to be a raspberry version for people who do not like lime and mint flavor.

I used to eat raspberry at home and was never fond it by the way. Anyways this handwash liquid has fragrance of lime and mint. This rich antibacterial handwash with foamy formula.

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12. Palmolive macadamia oil Handwash

Palmolive liquid handwash has macadamia oil and peony extracts. Palmolive luminous oils comes with a hand wash dispenser bottle and liquid hand wash refill pack. Macadamia is a tree indigenous to Australia. Macadamia nuts has very creamy texture and can be used to eat after roasting them. The peony is a perennial flowering plant mostly seen in Asia.

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13. Fiama Relax Moisturizing hand wash

Fiama Relax Moisturising hand wash has essence of Lavender and Ylang Ylang. You can buy it for a price of 242 rs from Amazon. They have done basic mood mapping of consumers who bought this product.

They found that majority of the consumers reported pleasant feeling. Fiama hand wash liquid comes in three variants – Fiama Relax HandWash, Fiama Happy HandWash and Fiama Fresh HandWash.

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14. Fiama Happy Moisturising hand wash

Fiama Happy Moisturizing hand wash of 1000ml comes with essence of Grapefruit and Bergamot. It has refreshing fragrance and is very mild for your skin. It has a mild citrus smell and lather very well.

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15. Fiama Fresh Moisturising hand wash

Fiama Fresh Moisturising hand wash is infused with essence of Peppermint and Green Apple. It comes in a 400ml bottle which is adequate enough for an Indian family of four for a month.

Fiama is more focused into fragrances to uplift the mood. It contains active skin conditioners to help your skin glow. The plastic bottle has a pump in it which you can press on top, the handwash liquid will pour to your hands and then you can clean hands.

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16. SmartWash Disinfectant Handwash

PaxChem Ltd has been making handwash and cleaning products since 1977 from India. SmartWash disinfectant handwash is India’s most trustworthy handwash designed according to Indian climate especially winter season.

It is tested in a advanced Good Lab Practices (GLP) certified testing lab. The handwash is made in a FDA and cGMP (Good Manufacturing Practice and cGMP) ICH (Q7) quality manufacturing facility.

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17. Rustic Art Organic Hand Wash

Rustic Art Organic Hand Wash has been infused with Orange and Neem essence. It is made from completely natural ingredients and is sulphate and paraben free.

This natural handwash is perfect cleaner for families and kids. The good thing about this organic handwash is that it does not have any synthetic chemicals or phosphates. The cost is very economical and effective.

This Rustic Art handwash

This Rustic Art handwash is handmade which is one of the rarest handmade washes in the market. If you are someone who are into handmade crafts and items, you must be knowing about this. This sustainable product is earth friendly. They use Potassium Hydroxide to make foam.

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18. Caremate Handwash

Caremate Handwash is an Amazon choice handwash product with rose essence in it. It is a 1.5 litre bottle and costs 318 rs for pack of 2 bottles.

Caremate handwash contains glycerin and almond oil. It has no TCC and triclosan. Caremate has 3 types of handwash; lemon, rose and sandal.

I think they could improve their product packaging. They might be good to clean hands but the packaging is not that appealing for online consumers.

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19. Solimo Handwash Liquid

Amazon Brand – Solimo Germ-Protect Handwash Liquid comes in a 5L bottle with rose fragrance. Amazon brand Solimo has so many household products which I have listed in 5 Best AmazonBasics Products for Home.

This handwash liquid has rose essence which leaves a nice clean hands and skin after use with rose fragrance for 1-2 hours. IT contains active silver formula which is free from paraben. Paraben is dangerous to skin.

It is free from sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) which is a chemical foaming agent. However, let me tell you something, many branded toothpastes including Colgate uses sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS).

WHO suggested that handwash should contain at least 70% alcohol in it. But Solimo handwash is not saying anything about that. Online buyers are more focused on not only on clean hands but the fragrance as well.

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20. EcoSattva cofriendly Hand Wash

EcoSattva 1 L handwash is 100% natural and chemical-free. This herbal soap has nut extracts, Moringa (Moringa oleifera and citrus fragrance.

This organic Hand Wash is made of active botanical surfactants such as Soapnut (Sapindus sp) and Shikakai (Acacia concinna). Many complain that this handwash does not produce enough foam and too watery.

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21. BubbleNut Natural HandWash Liquid

If you are looking for a Paraben free handwash, then BubbleNut Wash is your choice. It is completely natural and organic. It comes in 810 ml bottle.

This HandWash Liquid is free from SLS, SLES, Triclosan (dangerous hormone disruptor), artificial fragrance and artificial color. They use Saponins to kill bacteria uder 30 seconds.

Ingredients of Organic Handwash
Saponin extract from soapnut, aqua, essential oil, gum, coconut-derived cleanser, food grade preservatives.

Handwashing steps of using a Natural Handwash liquid

  1. Transfer the liquid into empty handwash bottle
  2. Screw the cap back tightly and store the refill bottle in a dry place to avoid contamination.
  3. Use the pump to get drops of liquid to yur hands
  4. Lather and rinse

It is best before 24 months from packaging. The bottle costs 349 rs only.

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22. Savlon Liquid Handwash

Savlon is a famous Indian cleaning liquid brand in India. They manufacture all types of disinfectants such as floor cleaners, hand wash liquids, toilet cleaners, soap and hand sanitisers that protects Indians from germs.

Savlon Moisture Shield Germ Protection Liquid Handwash comes in 500ml bottle. It protect the consumer from H1N1 virus, Rotavirus, Stomach Flu & Flu virus.

People with any skin type can use Savlon handwash without worry. Savlon Antiseptic Liquid has no TCC, Troclosan ad parabens. Savlon produces best top antiseptic cream.

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23. PureCult Handwash

PureCult Handwash is Ph Controlled liquid that is safe for skin. This plant based handwash liquid is infused with Aloe Vera, Vitamin E for skin moisture, Sweet Orange, Lemon for skin cleaning and Tea Tree Essential Oil for anti-bacterial properties.

This Indian owned handwash liquid company makes handwash in recyclable bottles. The bottle is priced 200 rs for 300ml. It is a made in India product without chlorine. You can clean hands very well using this product.

How to Use PureCult Handwash Liquid

  • Twist nozzle of the bottle.
  • Pump soap into hands.
  • Lather until it covers your entire palm (front and back) up to the wrist.
  • Then rub hands together to clean front and back your palm.
  • Clean fingers and thumbs thoroughly and rinse.

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24. Fem Safe Handz Handwash

Fem Safe Handz Handwash comes in a 5L plastic bottle. It has essence of Olive Oil to moisturise your skin. Peach gives a fresh feeling and Coconut Milk removes 99.9% germs. It is a thick handwash and can be called as liquid soap. You can use the handwash refill pack to use it again.

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25. Lux Bergamot Delight Handwash

Lux Bergamot Delight Handwash is packaged in a 190 ml bottle. Lux has been in the soap, perfume and other personal cosmetics for decades.

This handwash has infused essence of bergamot, mimosa and green plum. It can be used for any skin types. Many consumers are not happy with the product due to leakage while delivered.

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We have listed the top 25 handwash liquids in India. It took us two days to finish this review. You can now guess how deeply we have analysed each and every handwash in this list.

When to use Handwash

You wash your hands before, during and after making food. This will avoid pathogens to contaminate food. Then you must wash hands before and after food.

If anyone is sick in your family, I would advise you to use gloves. If gloves are not readily available wash your hands before and after taking care of them.

You need to wash your hands after using toilet or when you helped a child to use bathroom. Handwash after taking out garbage or cleaning dust.

If you are in a crowded area, you can do hand wash before touching your nose, eyes, or mouth. Everyone knows that they need to handwash after sneezing and coughing.

Here is a video by CDC on hand washing technique and how to clean hands using handwashing liquids.

You can refer to CDC website on regular handwashing and how it is a healthy habit.

Best Handwash Liquid FAQ
Which is best hand wash?

Here are the best Hand Washes you can buy in India:
Best Hand Wash overall: Dove Hand Wash.
Best Hand Wash for traveling: Dettol Hand Wash.
Best Hand Wash for kids: Santoor Fresh Hand Wash.
Best Hand Wash for adults: Lifebuoy Handwash.
Best Hand Wash for home: Natural Trail Handwash.

Does Dettol handwash have alcohol?

Dettol handwash do not have alcohol in it. You might need to buy Dettol alcohol based hand sanitiser to kill germs.

Is Hand wash safe?

WHO suggest that regular hand washing can help you avoid getting Covid19 virus and other germs. Handwashing is a good habit. All of the Handwash liquids in the market is safe for use. You can buy organic handwash to avoid using chemicals.

Is handwash better than soap?

Handwash is better than soap for ease of use and non transmission of bacteria. Soap needs to be touched again and again to get foam which do not give a solid removal of the germs. Soap is more messy to use compared to liquid form.

Does hand wash kill bacteria?

Hand wash do kill bacteria. There are non alcohol handwash which kills most of the normal germs. For Covid19 virus, you need to use alcohol based handwash or hand sanitizer.

Is Dettol handwash antibacterial?

Dettol handwash is antibacterial. However since it does not contain alcohol, it cannot kill covid19 virus.

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