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10 Best Antiseptic Creams in India

Best Antiseptic Creams in India

Are you looking for best antiseptic creams in India. There are many anti septic creams available in Indian Market.

Here are some of the best antiseptic creams in India. You can buy all these creams from Amazon India in a discounted price.

Antiseptic creams for wounds are important when you have a small wound on your body, and you need something to kill the microorganisms to prevent your wound from getting infected.

When you have a wound in your body, it doesn’t matter if it is big or small you have to take care of it so that you can avoid that wound to not become infectious. You much keep an anti septic cream in your medicine cabinet or medicine box at all times.

Antiseptic creams can also be used for your skin to soften and lose out the dryness also helping with softening your lips. You can check out our “Buyers Guide” or “FAQ” section for more details.

Best Antiseptic Creams in India

In this article, we are going to talk about the most popular antiseptic creams that prevent your wounds to get infectious and kill the microorganisms inside them, and also helps to soften your skin.

It is a must-have for every household for the first-aid and emergency kit. You can use these best antiseptic cream in India for cuts and wounds.

1. Boroplus Antiseptic Cream

Boroplus Antiseptic Cream, 120 Ml

This antiseptic cream that is produced in India contains natural oils and a blend of special herbs is not only for your wounds but also can be used as a night cream, heel repair, or for your lips as a skincare cream.

The original antiseptic cream has ability to keep your skin soft and is successful on keeping the dryness away from your skin. Thanks to its medicated ointment, every skin type is welcome to use it without any problem.

Boroplus Antiseptic Cream can be found on Amazon for a relatively cheap price with around 830 reviews and a 4.5 rating. This product is India based most affordable antiseptic cream. You can use this antiseptic cream for boils and Boroplus is a household name in India.

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2. Arish Bio Naturalish Antiseptic Cream

Arish Bio Naturalish Bio Natural Haldi Neem Antiseptic Cream

Arish is a popular brand in India which produces top class health and hygiene products.

This natural Indian antiseptic cream has similar aspects to the Boroplus Antiseptic cream. With its ability to keep your skin soft by preventing the dry skin and the medicated ointment that includes, it is safe for every skin type for your wounds, burns, and any other injuries on your body.

Just like Boroplus, this antiseptic cream can also be used as a night cream, heel repair, or lip care. This is a commonly used antiseptic cream for baby.

You can find Arish Bio Naturalish antiseptic cream on Amazon for a fair price but it is worth mentioning that the price is a little bit higher than Boroplus and the reviews are lower than Boroplus as well. They also have Neem Antiseptic Cream in Amazon.

It has around 80 reviews with a 4.5 rating. It is up to you to choose whichever fits your skin the best. Men in India prefers this cream as per the review analysis however all Indians love this.

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3. Artcollectibles India Ayurvedic Antiseptic Cream

Artcollectibles India Ayurvedic Multipurpose Antiseptic Kailas Jeevan Cream (120 Gms)

Artcollectibles Avurvedic Antiseptic cream is a multipurpose cream that serves not only for the wounds in your body but also is good for pimples, itch, acne, and so on.

The multi purpose Antiseptic Cream is produced in India by Artcollectibles and is being sold for decades. You can buy this best antiseptic cream for wounds in india on Amazon for a little bit higher price than Arish and Boroplus but its experience in the area makes it a fair and trustable purchase.

The Ayurvedic antiseptic cream has 90 reviews with a 4.5 rating on Amazon. Indian families buy this cream more often than bachelors. This is one of the best antiseptic creams in India.

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4. Boroline Antiseptic Ayuverdic Cream

Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream 20G (Pack Of 6)

This Boroline antiseptic cream is used only for night repair cream to soften your skin and have better skin for those who have dry and rough skin.

It’s meant to be used at nights and mornings when you are going to sleep and after you wake up. It softens your skin and gives a fresh look to it while maintaining the health of your skin.

This item can be found on Amazon with 127 reviews and a 4.5 rating. The price is similar to Artcollectibles which makes it a more expensive one compared to Arish and Boroplus.

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5. Himalaya Antiseptic Cream

Himalaya Antiseptic Cream 20gm Pack of 4

This Indian antiseptic cream that is produced and distributed by Himalaya Drug Company is a normal antiseptic cream that offers what you can expect from normal antiseptic creams.

There isn’t much info about what exactly you can use it for except the wounds in your body and not many reviews but coming from a solid Indian company might make it for a good experience with its price range somewhere close to our first to antiseptic creams.

Himalaya is a of the mega antiseptic brands in India. Himalaya produces best antiseptic creams in India. It is said to have essence of Indian madder, aloe vera and almond in it.

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6. Baksons Sunny Aloe vera Multipurpose Antiseptic Cream

Baksons Sunny Aloevera Calendula Multipurpose Antiseptic Skin Cream, 500 Grams

Baksons brand is all over in India. This multipurpose antiseptic cream from India contains aloe vera inside it makes it for a fair experience that can treat your dry and tough skin along with the effect on the wounds on your body such as burns and small cuts.

Thanks to its aloe vera inside it, this famous antiseptic cream is effective against sunburn. It has a relatively high price compared to its counterparts but it’s the only cream that contains aloe vera which is a valuable thing.

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7. Jatyadi Ayurvedic Antiseptic Cream

Jatyadi ghrta lepam Ayurvedic Antiseptic cream (Pack of 2)

Jatyaid ayurvedic antiseptic cream is an antiseptic cream released in India recently. This is effective for every type of skin thanks to its ointment that also helps for burns on your skin apart from small wounds.

Jatyadi can be used mostly for burns in your skin rather than small wounds but it is worth mentioning it is effective on both things. It comes with 2 packs with a fair amount, better than it’s counterparts.

This can be used as antiseptic cream for babies and toddlers. There are only couple of trusted antiseptic creams available in Indian market. It is best to use this list of best antiseptic cream in India for wounds and cuts for future use.

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8. IMC Herbal Aloe Antiseptic Cream

IMC Herbal Aloe Cream for Anti Aging, Anti- Wrinkle, Anti-Pimple, Anti-Septic (Pack of 3, 60 Gm Each)

IMC Herbal Aloe antiseptic cream offers you a really different perspective and experience than it’s counterpart thanks to its anti-aging, anti-pimple, and natural sunscreen effects.

It helps to soften your skin and take out the dryness also helping with the dark circles on your face. Because it is done with natural herbal products, the chance of encountering side effects is really low.

With its rich features and herbals inside it, the price is higher than its counterparts but worth your money. This cream is approved by the Indian Government and is said to be one among the best hand sanitizers in India.

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9. Gd Pharmeceutical Boroline Antiseptic Ayuverdic Cream

Gd Pharmaceutical Boroline Antiseptic Ayurvedic Cream – 20 G

Often used for dry skins, this cream works wonders with your skin if you are looking to soften your skin and have more soft and smooth skin.

Being an excellent winter care cream, you can use it in the cold, dry winter days to prevent your lips from becoming dry or your skin to change colors because of the cold.

Women in India prefers this anti septic cream among many. This is one of the most recommended Antiseptic Cream by doctors in India. Indian doctors and hospitals prescribe this as first aid cream for patients with cuts, wounds and minor acne.

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10. Patanjali Borosafe Antiseptic Cream

Patanjali Borosafe Antiseptic Cream – 50 g

With its tea cream and germ oil features, this antiseptic cream for kids in india helps to soften your skin with different herbal activities on your body along with helping to cure minor wounds such as burns, cuts, wounds, etc.

Thanks to its time-tested natural formula, this anti septic cream protects your skin from germs and diseases as well. You can always buy one for your home needs from Amazon India.

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Buyers Guide for Antiseptic Creams in India

As you can see from list of antiseptic creams in India several topical antiseptic creams work in different ways with quality aspects from natural herbals to aloe vera.

Using antibacterial creams not only helps your wounds to heal quickly but also gives you softer skin that you will be happy to look at every day in the mirror. With its fair prices, it is also in the budget of most of the people.

What’s antiseptic cream

Antiseptic cream is a medicated ointment used commonly for cuts, wounds and burns on skin. Antiseptic cream has antibacterial chemicals that
stop or reduces the growth of microorganisms such bacteria and fungi.

Most of them contains natural ingredients such as Chandan, Aloe Vera, Tulsi, Amla, Neem and natural oils.

Why use antiseptic cream

Antiseptic Creams in India are preferred due to their Antioxidant, Anti-fungal and Antibacterial Properties. This can be called as multi-benefit cream as you can use it after-shave moisturizer for body, face cream and a lip care solution.

Many of them has natural ingredients such as curcumin and saffron which as anti-aging and anti-inflammatory. So they are also used for healing acne and repairing skin. You can use them for minor first-degree burns or as Skin Cleanser.

When to apply antiseptic cream

You can apply antiseptic cream as soon as you get wounds or rashes in the body. Some of the antiseptic creams in the Indian market has Manjistha, Beeswax and Sandalwood which has antioxidants and anti-inflammatory. This will cover the wound, kill the bacteria and heal it slowly.

For clear skin better to use antiseptic cream every night and sleep. And also apply after taking a bath every morning. You must choose the best ideal topical natural skin care cream with natural antiseptic ingredients for that. It is better to consult Dermatologists and research for Clinical and laboratory studies.

How does antiseptic cream work

Antiseptic creams has anti bacterial chemicals which inhibit fatty acid synthesis and microorganisms cannot replicate and die slowly.

It also has natural and organic anti-inflammatory ingredients that provide Anti-Wrinkle, Anti-Oxidant and Anti-Pimple support. Borocil is India’s Most Admired Brand contains Ayurvedic ingredients that kills bacteria and fungi on the skin.

How long does antiseptic cream last

Anti septic creams last about 5-6 hours. You need to reapply them every 8 hours or so or two times daily for face. You must not digest these creams or use it directly to the eye, nose or ear.

Antiseptic Cream FAQs

Can I use antiseptic cream on acne?

You can use antiseptic cream on acne. You can apply the cream before you sleep and wash face once you wake up. This will reduce the level of growth of the microorganisms in your face and gently cleanse the skin. You can also apply baking soda and water mixture for acne.

Will antiseptic cream help fungal infection?

Antiseptic cream treats fungal infections and fungal skin infections (candidiasis).

Will antiseptic cream help boils and is antiseptic cream good for burns?

Tea tree oil containing antiseptic cream will help boils. Antiseptic cream is good for minor first-degree burns.

Is antiseptic cream good for pimples?

Antiseptic cream which has tea tree oil is good for pimples. It will gently cleanse the skin and reduces growth of bacteria.

Can antiseptic cream expire?

Antiseptic cream does expire. They have expiration date on the back of the product. It is better not to use expired antiseptic creams.

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